Ways to plan a trip to London and visit the Sea Life London Aquarium

Have you ever thought of visiting London – the place where Big Ben and Buckingham Palace is located? Sounds dreamy, does it not? London is the much anticipated destination for most of the people around the globe. People plan their dream holiday trip with their loved ones in this city as it has its own charm and sophistication that makes the tourist fall in love with London in no time.

While going through the history of this place one can find that though the roots of the city are attached to the Roman culture, still this capital city of England is designed in a very contemporary manner, capturing both the essence of its past culture and present modern advancements.

London has a whole list of places to visit exciting the people from all parts of the world – whether it be history lovers, literature addicts or even people who are a big fan of marine creatures. The Sea Life London Aquarium will give you a taste of the underwater ride which will mesmerize you in a jiffy. For the people who are planning to visit the city for the very first time, there are a few facts which will help you in chalking out your trip to London easily.

  • Plan the duration of your stay well ahead

Planning your trip to London in well advance will help you in more ways than one. First of all you can take into consideration which season to visit this city so that you can enjoy the most of it. One must always remember than the best season for tourists to visit London is from June till the middle of October. Hence, if you pre-plan your holiday trip from before then you can book the flight from beforehand which will cost you less than booking it right before you leave for this city. Booking flight for a round trip well in advance will cost you relatively less than booking at the last minute.

  • Book your accommodation after knowing about all the options available

In London you will find a variety of accommodation options which will suit your budget criteria just fine. There is a long list of ‘Bed and Breakfast’ lodging facilities which is quite affordable to all along with various caravans as well as camping places which you can opt for. There are various grounds where camping is allowed for various tourists who wants to know the city from a much closer level. There are a lot of London hotel suites which you can book from beforehand online at a price which will be quite affordable as you are booking it way ahead of time.

If you want to make this trip worth remembering your whole life, then book one of the London city suites Barbican as it will be a stay which you will not be able to forget ever. Though it will be a bit expensive but still it will be worth it, without a doubt. These suites are top class and extremely elegant and will spoil you with luxurious comfort.

  • Keep a proper budget and do not overindulge

Have you yet decided on the budget for your trip to London? If not, then you must do it now, this instant. Predetermining the amount of money you can spend on this trip is an essential before you start planning anything else about this trip. In the budget you must set aside money for your flight fare along with lodging and food. It is wise to plan for three meals for each day along with two snacks. If you have a child with you then keep a bit more on the food budget.

You will find a huge variety of restaurants in London. You can get a good meal at any reasonable pubs or cafes and even in small food joints. Along with that one can also enjoy the experience of fine dining in a few of the most famous restaurants in the world, located in this city, such as the signature restaurant owned by none other than the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Take your pick and choose wisely, seeing how much your pocket can take.

  • Selecting which all attractions to visit during the London trip

As you must be knowing by now that London is a city which has a great deal of places which will attract the eyeballs of all the tourists who all visit this city from various corners of the world. It will be a wise decision if you can book the tourist spots which can be booked from before to avoid unnecessary hassle during your trip. There are a lot of free sightseeing places in London which you can visit any day you are free. One of the most popular recent attractions of London, which is grabbing the attention of both the children and the adults is the Sea Life London Aquarium. Let’s get to know more about it.

About the very exciting Sea Life London Aquarium

The Sea Life London Aquarium is one of the most happening places in the city. The aquarium takes you to a world of underwater colorful journey where you will witness a wide variety of sea creatures, swimming in the ocean. In this tunnel you will feel that you are standing amidst the ocean with fishes turtles and other creatures of the sea moving around you, which you have never seen in your life. To add to the excitement there is an exquisite collection of various species of shark in the Shark Tunnel.

Other important details of the Sea Life London Aquarium

The other details of this sea aquarium include the timing of the place which is from 10am in the morning and the last tour is held at 6pm in the evening. The aquarium closes at 7pm everyday. The price range of the tickets is twenty pounds for adults and for children it is fifteen pounds. The Sea Life London Aquarium also holds school trips where student tours are held at an discounted rates.

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