Unusual things to do in London

You can visit London at any part of the year and will still love the place. With a 2000 year old history the fascinating capital of the UK is one of the most visited holiday spots in the world. With good reason too as it has world class sights, the best of shopping, entertainment and activities and events scheduled all year long.

If you plan a trip a good place to stay is the M by Montcalm Shoreditch Tech City Hotel that is slap bang in the centre and offers premium facilities and luxury stay at a very affordable price. Once you are done with seeing the top attractions some of the more unusual places to visit are:

See the whole of London in miniature: While it is not possible to visit and see all that London has to offer, you could get a most interesting peek at the complete city, albeit in miniature. There is an amazing 1:1500 scale model of London displayed permanently at the New London Architecture office in the city. Apart from seeing how it looks today the model also incorporates the way it will look in the future.

Buy a brolly: You will probably need an umbrella when you visit the city as there always is a shower or two, almost all year long. So if you plan to buy one why not head to James Smith & Sons located on New Oxford Street. They are purveyors of the finest walking sticks and umbrellas in the world. Some of the leading luminaries who have made purchases here include Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin among other distinguished names.

Visit the traffic light tree: If you are in the Canary Wharf area, make it a point to visit the Christmas tree like traffic light tree. Created by Pierre Vivant it stand 8 metres in height with 75 automated lights spread out of metal branches. It looks particularly striking at night when it is lit up.  It is more for ornamental purpose than functional utility.

Tour the tropical gardens in the Barbican: One of the more unique gardens to visit is at the Barbican Centre that houses the second largest conservatory in the city. It is like an oasis of tropical plants, exotic fish species and a variety of birds. A lovely place to visit you will need to check if it is open prior to paying a visit.

Get to the top of the monument: Built to commemorate the Great Fire of 1666, the Monument offers a sweeping aerial view of the city. Climb up its 311 steps to the top and you will earn a certificate of achievement, as well as get a spectacular view of the city.

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