Tips for Aussie Nomads Moving to London

London is one such attractive destination that everybody loves to visit. Some prefer to spend a romantic holiday here whereas some come here for a family fun. Lot of business travellers too travel to the capital city every year. People from almost all countries and cities travel to London, however lot of Australians do it every year. For an Aussie to travel to London there are lot of challenges one will have to face. It can be really helpful to grab such information as what all things and tips are required for a convenient shift for an Aussie from Australia to London.

It is no doubt a big move, but London is quite a friendly city and welcomes all kinds of tourists and expats coming in. It is even a welcoming place for those moving from Australia. Initially you will have to find a comfortable place to stay as an expat in London. Till the time you don’t get an apartment of your choice in the city one can plan to stay at the Lancaster Gate Hotel London which offers a convenient stay for all kinds of tourists no matter whatever your purpose of visit is.

Moving to London can be a daunting task, unless and until you really don’t know what all is to be needed. Since it is one of the biggest international cities around one will have to take care of certain important things. Mentioned below are few tips which may help fellow expats to settle down well:

Where to Live in London
The capital city is quite big and it is an important factor to decide the place where to live. Perhaps it is an easy city with the most convenient public transport system. There are few specific areas in London where the population for Aussie expats is high as compared to other parts. Acton, Queens Park and Earl’s Court are few to be mentioned. No doubt London is an expensive place to stay, but there are areas where the prices are low. One can surely find a place which can be both comfortable and affordable for an Aussie expat moving to London.

For a temporary stay Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel is the most ideal option for all expats and tourists coming in.

Driving in the UK
Are you an Australian and would like to drive around the UK? If yes then you can surely do so and it’s just the little that you will have to do. For this you must have a valid driver’s license. If you have the same then for the first 1 year you are legally allowed to drive in the UK without any hassle. Furthermore, if you plan to drive after 1 year then you will have to apply for the driving license and sit for the test like everyone else does.

Do you have the Correct Visa?
More than anything else the right visa is extremely important for any expat moving to the capital city. It is critical to know that varied types of visas are available depending upon the reason you are migrating to the UK. The official government body manages the applications and the name of the body is the UK Visas and Information. For an Australian expat following types of visas are available:

Skilled Worker Visa – As the name suggests this visa helps you to live and work in the UK. It can either be in a job specified on the Tier 2 shortage occupation list or it can be a sponsored job by an employer.

Ancestry Visa – It is for them who are a commonwealth citizen and have a grandparent that was born in the UK.

Student Visa – The name itself is clear as it is a visa for those who wish to stay and study in the UK. For this the student must have sound knowledge of English and must have money to support their educational fee and should be able to support themselves.

Youth Mobility Scheme Visa – Also known as Tier 5 visa and is for people aged 18 to 30 years. This visa gives you the right to live and work for up to 24 months. An amount of £1,890 must be there in your savings only then you will be able to apply for this visa.

National Insurance Number
Once you have arrived in the capital city you can then apply for the National Insurance Number which is the same as that of the Tax File Number in Australia. This needs to be taken care if you plan to work in London. You can only apply for this number if you have the correct visa in the UK. You can call the jobcentre plus application line anytime between 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday. The procedure is quite simple; however all that is required is the correct information of everything.

Public Transport
The ultimate tube and bus service in London makes the city transport friendly. The tube almost covers the entire London. You can get an oyster card made and just tap your card anywhere and everywhere to get it started. The system automatically calculates the best fare for your travel.

Mobile Phones & Internet
Once you arrive, purchase a UK sim card which will be far more convenient than using your Australian sim card. Lot of service providers are there including O2, 3, EE and Vodafone. Each has their own monthly plans and pay as you go options. As far as internet is concerned the city offers free Wi-Fi everywhere especially in hotels, cafes, pubs and restaurants.

Follow all these simple instructions shall make your move from Australia to London extremely convenient and smooth.

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