Things to Do near Heron Tower

Heron Tower
The building has the reputation of a sky scrapper, it was one of the tallest building build in the two thousand eleven year the total height of this tall building is two hundred  and thirty meters. Although there are taller buildings than this yet it had been constructed before the others in the city. As the pedestrians walk down the streets there is a beautiful aquarium which is visible to people and the most amazing thing about the whole place is the fact that the height of the aquarium is triple that of the man. The other surprising element of this place is the fact that it houses fishes and there are live sharks in these aquariums, in order to keep the aquarium clean two divers has been put at the job to keep things in better state. The aquarium is comprised of sixty seven odd varieties of fish all that you could ask for is this amazing visual treat that you have as you walk past the place. Heron tower houses offices in many of its floors along with that there are three cafeterias that are present in the building and the restaurants are also housed in the same building premises. My friends staying at the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel  they are sushi fans and when they were told about this good restaurant in the Heron tower they made a point to visit the tower  and as they reached the thirty eighth floor they were welcomed into a great ambience, even the food matched the place it was quite an experience as they say.

Swingers – The Crazy Golf Club
The place has one of the craziest  concepts as this had been built by one of the socialising communities where people thought that it is best to keep alive the competition , they went ahead and brought together this concept of golf . A the place is expansive there are nine golf courses in this whole place all being built for the like-minded group, there are bar areas and the concept of drinking , playing and chatting gave way to this concept and they are five cocktail bars to begin with where you can get what you like. The place is incomplete without food and the street food has been kept alive three of the street food vendors sell their products to the visitors along with that the place has a terrace from where you can spot your companions  and fellows the place is called the gin terrace which gives you quite a view to the golf courses. The score card display board keeps a count of the goals you score as you take your time to do the same, by the night the place is transformed into a trendy night club with the DJ pelting out some rocking numbers for the guests.

30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin)
The place is at the heart of the city as it had been once the sky scrapers and was the Swiss company which had also been the headquarter to the Baltic exchange, the sight of this building was a pride till the place was bombed and it overnight changed to debris, although over the years the city authorities have thought of keeping the storeys and not doing the restoration. Yet finally they tried to restore the old thing but in a new form and sooner this will also join the fleet of sky scrappers

St Andrews Undershaft
Hidden by the towering Gherkin the place had been one of the medieval churches known and noticed by very few as you watch the structure the architectural beauty stands an emblem to the iconic times in the history of London, this is an ode to the Gothic churches that still stand in the city and therefore is worth a one-time visit. The place had been built firstly in the eleventh century wherein the structure was rebuilt during the thirteenth century period and again during the fifteenth century times. As the London city was engulfed in the Great fire this church remain unscathed and it was still standing tall while the other were reduced to ashes, this church also withstood the war times wherein there was no harm done to this stone edifice.

Liverpool Street Station
One of the famous stations as well as the busiest an underground station this  station stands closer to many of the tourist attraction places one of the landmark railway stations as you step out of this station you will have the Spitafields market area , the bank of England and the White chapel gallery quite close by.

St Ethelburga’s
The place had been a landmark to many reconciliation and peace maker’s arena was a church but later got transformed into a training centre wherein people are trained by the parishes on developing leadership skills, community centres it also acts as the facilitation centres for various groups.

St Helen’s Bishopsgate Church
This twelfth century church has stood the tests of times although under the undershaft the place is hardly recognizable it had withstood the Great fire of the London city and the world war two times but during the IRA bombings this beautiful church was completely destroyed from inside, although the church is open yet nobody visits it as it has been locked by the authorities. From the point of view of historical architecture the place is worth giving a visit even when you cannot visit these places.

Kindertransport-The Arrival Memorial
A very saddened history of this memorial as the Nazi execution was happening ten thousand orphaned children arrived into this city during he early nineteenth century times in order to keep alive the remembrance of these kids they have resurrected this memorial in the memory of that horrifying times. The place had a bronze statue erected in place but in the early two thousand six the status was removed pulled down to bring up the memorial by the Jewish community to commemorate the gruesome time.

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