The Most Popular Drinking Games in London

While binge drinking is not recommended, there are occasions when a few extra rounds with the lads does not do any harm! After all, boozing is something we excel in and we need to stick with tradition! London has a host of exciting drinking games just the type you would expect adventurous tipplers and college undergrads to partake in with gusto.

These are as fun as to enjoy in any of the Central London hotels or at the college dorm, as long as the college proctor does not get wind of it.

If you are looking for a great place in central London to party with your pals The Marble Arch by Montcalm London is the perfect venue. It’s trendy bar offers the perfect ambience to have an unforgettable night of revelry and partying.

Another cool place popular with the younger crowds in the city is the rooftop Aviary bar at Montcalm Royale London House with an excellent choice of spirits and stunning views of the city below.

Some of the top drinking games in vogue in London are:

Never have I ever:  One of the simplest and most popular games played across the land is Never I have ever! It is a cool way to get to know someone in a brief period and probably a little too much about them. It is as simple as attaching the prefix ‘Never have I ever’ to a statement about something you have not done yet. All those who have done it will take a sip. It could begin on a sober note like places you have not visited or things you have not done, and as the evening progresses and everyone is on a high, change gear to the naughtier stuff!

Bar Curling: It is one of the games to the list of drinking games in Britain. Two players are up against each other and have to slide a glass from one end to the other end of the table. If it sounds like a piece of cake there is a catch! The players have to slide the glass in a manner that its base partly hangs precipitously from the side, without it tumbling on the floor. This move is termed as “peekage”. There are other variations to the game like test matches and quick draw among others, all of which have a different scoring pattern. If you still think it is easy to try doing it after a having downed a few drinks! The quick draw winner is the person that scores three points first and so on. There also is bar curling (teams) and Doubles that is suited for bars with appropriate tables. And not forgetting to mention amiable and sporting staff!

Fuzzy Duck: A classic, but fun to play as all it takes is booze and glasses with no other equipment needed. All those drinking need to form a circle and sit and tell the person on their left ‘fuzzy duck’. This continues till someone pipes up with ‘does he’ which in turn is met with ‘ducky fuzz’ by the individual on their right. The game then switches directions and moves on in the same manner till someone interjects with ‘does he’ and the reply then is ‘fuzzy duck”. Seems simple, but after your friends have a few wets down them you will be surprised how many fluff the lines. Those who fluff have to drink as a forfeit. Great fun as the evening progresses with everyone in high spirits and getting their lines mixed up!

Where’s the water: Meant for those who can down multiple shots of tequila and still be raring to go! You also need to maintain a poker-face to keep up the charade. A bit like roulette in style, you need to line up a number of tequila glasses filled clear spirits like white rum and Vodka, while also adding water to other glasses. Every player at the table has to select a glass to gulp down in a shot and very gingerly say “mmm, water” in a very convincing manner. If you detect their bluff and are right, they have to drink another shot. If you are wrong you need to down the shots!

Ring of Fire: One of the most popular games drinking games around Ring of Fire is actually a combination of various games in a single game. You need to use a deck of cards placed face down in a circular pattern around a glass in the centre. Every number has a rule or mini-game assigned to it and each player has to pick a card in turns. A five may have a game assigned to it and so on. Some card may have a drink allocated etc. What makes Ring of Fire so interesting is that the rules differ from place to place and with whom you play it. The game can be finished in either of the two ways. Either when the ring is disrupted i.e. a card taken by a player that breaks the pattern. The second way is upon drawing the fourth king. This involves filling the middle glass with some drink. The person who pulls the fourth king has to drink whatever is in the glass.

Bob: Another terrific game that needs nothing more than alcohol and glasses. All it requires is to add the prefix Bob to a person’s first name, whenever you speak to them. E.g. If you have a partner Alexander you will address him as Bob Alexander, can you refill my glass etc. While it seems as easy as they come, once you have a few wets down the likelihood of fluffing your lines increases. As a forfeit, the loser needs to decide how large a refill they can stomach.

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