The Best Things to Do in Cambridge

Whether you are looking to take a break but can’t afford to go abroad or you only have a day to dedicate to exploring somewhere in the UK, Cambridge is the ideal choice. There is so much to see and do here from the rich academic history to the beautiful countryside which surrounds the city and to help you on your way, here are some of the best things to do in Cambridge:-

Enjoy an unusual tour

Cambridge offers a number of great tours which will take you around the main sights, and these include open top bus tours and bike tours but for something truly different, why not try one of the alternative tours which can also be found in the city? These include the likes of the Cambridge Food Tour and the Cambridge Ghost Walk.

Punt along the river

The River Cam is a main focal point in the city and one which many people know well and so no trip to Cambridge could possibly be complete without hiring a punt and cruising along this popular stretch of water. You could have a go at steering your own punt or join one of the guided safaris which take place daily.

Treat yourself

Cambridge has some wonderful hotels which would provide a great opportunity for you to indulge yourself a little as well as giving you more time to explore the city. A hotel such as The Tamburlaine Hotel, which has an excellent location close to one of the city’s best attractions, the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, would be the perfect choice.

Watch a movie

If you did happen to book one of the hotels in Cambridge UK then you would have plenty of time to enjoy the outdoor cinema which arrives in Cambridge each summer at various iconic locations. The thing which makes this cinema so unique is the local touches they employ; before every film a local musician plays for the audience and they also screen independent shorts as well.

Climb a tower

Cambridge can boast a number of tall church towers as well as those which form part of the university buildings and they offer an excellent way to get a panoramic view of this picturesque city. If you can time your visit well then you could watch the sun set before heading back down into the city and into one of the many world-class restaurants found here.

Wander the ‘Backs’

Finally, it is virtually impossible to talk about Cambridge without mentioning a visit to the university and the Backs is a particularly scenic section of reclaimed land which runs alongside the back of those colleges which sit alongside the River Cam. You could take a walk along here and enjoy the views or pack a picnic and soak up the atmosphere for a short while.

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