Several Things to do in London when it is Raining

There are lots of things you can do in London when it is raining. In fact, in London all people are known to carry two things – the Oyster Card and the umbrella. In the summer time the people of London can experience a shower for a continuous time of three days. However, this should not seem boring for the fun lovers in London. As you have the best of activities to enjoy under the rain. It is not that when it rains you have to lock yourself indoors and feel so bore. You can take part in innumerable outdoor activities and make the most of the city time.

Rain in london

However, stay prepared to cut the rain and enjoy the essence of the crazy shower. If you are having a stay at the Grand Park London Hyde Park Hotel you would love to explore the treasures in rain. You can spend the time fruitfully doing some of the things that you have always wanted to do. It is a great way to spend the time with your list of refreshments and one day when you have tried something, you can wait for the next day to try another. Pleasures come in line and all things are meant for the time when it rains cats and dogs.

When it is raining you can easily visit the South Center Book Market and it is a chance for you to browse through the rare books. The place is protected by the Waterloo Bridge and the book market always remains open both under sun and rain. This is the place where you can read through the second hand books and in case you are overwhelmed you can even purchase some. When it is raining you can stay sheltered under the bridge and pass the time reading through the books.

When it is raining you can visit the London galleries and take a look at the arts. A free wandering will help you get the best look of the place. You can enter the art galleries for free. For instance, if you are in Trafalgar Square and it is raining hard you can at best enter the National Gallery or the National Portrait Gallery and one can even visit the Somerset House and these are all at walking distance from one another. There are lesser known art galleries in London and the rain gives you a reason to visit the places which you would not have entered otherwise.

Rain gives you the reason to watch a film with a cup of cuppa tea. It is extremely exciting to be at the cinema at the day time when it is raining. If you don’t feel inclined for the Odeon you can visit one of the London’s independent cinemas. In some of then you find bars and cafes where you can enjoy palatable foods and drinks when you can’t get out in the rain. In case, the ambiance is good you develop the hait to come back to the venue once more when it is raining.

In London you have various covered markets to visit when it is raining. The Greenwich Market is a standing example of the kind of covered market and one can even visit places like Leadenhall Market or Covent Garden Market where they can find all good things to buy and see when it is raining hard outside. Rain is also the best time to enter the Borough Market and there are more traditional buying grounds you can enter when you just don’t want to face the rain. In case, it is raining and you are hungry you have to enter the Borough Market to enjoy the freshness of the food along with the fresh drops of the rain.

It is always best to try for an accommodation near Hyde Park London Paddington. When it rains it is time to give your brain a workout. You can visit in groups to the Kings Cross and try out the clueQuest. This is a live game all about escaping. You can watch your friends using several logics and in the way you have to escape from the cells and get out of the locked room. In the way, you can make the brain work and have some real time fun.

When it is raining hard one can easily visit places like Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Here, you can discover the four indoor courts and it would be best if you fancy a game at the place. The place remains opens on all days of the week and feels great to be here playing tennis with the learners and the experts alike. This will help you escape the rain and learn tennis at the same time. At the center you can hire the rackets and the tennis balls and if you want to get sure about the prices you can visit the website for advance booking.

When it is raining in London it is great to watch the really dark skies. For this you can be at the Royal Observatory’s Planetarium shows. This is even the best time to be at the Stargazers in Greenwich and now you are free to enjoy the perfect HD technology and you are made to enjoy things under the doomed roof and now you can sit and discover real things about the universe white it is raining outside.

Rain gives you a reason to be at the London museums absolutely for free. In the way one can make the most of the Welcome Collection and it is great to watch out for the intriguing exhibits and thus you don’t have to keep on thinking what to do when you are caught in the rain in the south of Kensington. Here, you can at best visit the Natural History Museum and there are more places like Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. These are the places where you can be at the time when it is raining and in the way you get a chance to explore and cultivate the city of London.

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