Planning Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Planning digital marketing for any business including the hospitality industry is a complex process and constantly changing. To get it correct that are a variety of elements you need to take into consideration.

Digital Marketing

 A few essential things to keep in mind as part of your hotel digital marketing strategy are:

The content must be original and impactful:

With ever increasing volumes of content in this digital age having access to content that is impactful and original will make all the difference between success and failure of you digital marketing strategy.  The very first purpose of having top notch content is that it helps to improve organic search rankings with the top search engines including Google. That means every time a user conducts a search with relevant keywords the likelihood of your site being at the top increases.

Having original content will also encourage followers and customers to share your content on a variety of social media. The content must not only be original and fresh it has to be relevant as well. It needs to be updated on a regular basis so that users het new information every time they visit the website.  Use your creativity and try a variety of formats for your content.

Well compatible with mobiles:

There are certain businesses like the retail and fitness industry that tend to focus on mobile friendly websites more than others. That is exactly what other businesses including the hotel business need to focus on. It is the best way to retain and attract customers in an increasingly mobile driven world. Studies have shown that mobile usage outweighs PC usage in 8 countries with more countries following suit. With such a wide market available for websites that are mobile friendly businesses just cannot afford to be laid back about having a mobile friendly website. It also must have a unique aspect to it that caters particularly to mobile users.

Paid social ads:

Using social media is a great free way to generate organic online traffic and improve your online visibility. But then equally effective is not more is that of opting for paid social advertisements. The good thing is that they can be done as per your budget and are relatively low cost to run. You could even run a test campaign using these paid ads to see how it impacts online traffic and conversion rates. The fact is the ROI on paid social ads can be very high if you manage your metrics efficiently.

It also helps you to ultra-target users by their activities, interests, online behavior etc among plenty of other criteria. That will ensure that your target audience only has those who would be interested in what you are offering. No more having to waste money on advertisements that will not be of interest to customers.

Email marketing:

While there are other platforms of marketing, Email Marketing still is doing well and offers a high ROI to its users. All you need to do is select your target audience and mail them at least once a month with promotional offers and relevant deals that would interest them.

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