Plan a Perfect Family Weekend in London

London is one of the favourite destinations of most if the tourists especially when it is about a city break. Each year plenty of visitors come here for fun, leisure and for work which makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations. No matter whether you have travelled the city multiple times now, on each visit you shall discover a different side of the city for sure. Someone has rightly said that if you are tired of London you are tired of life. There is so much that you can plan here especially if on a weekend holiday trip with family.

Since London is a big city, it will be quite a tedious task to squeeze your trip for a weekend only. Thus, it is important to plan the things well and carefully starting from the accommodation to the kind of attractions you must visit and other fun filled activities etc. If you are familiar with the city earlier then it will be an added advantage for you as you will be able to plan and organise things in a much better way then.

Where to Stay in London?

In order to make the most of your short trip here in the city one must go for some central London hotels special offers. These not only will make your weekend sorted in terms of staying, but will also help you save lot of time, money and effort too.

The most initial thing for any traveller would be finding a suitable accommodation. To get one as per your needs and requirements you must do the bookings in advance. Using comparison websites you will get to know the best prices for the hotels. Thus, you shall go and book the one that suits you the best. Finding a hotel accommodation in the capital is a tedious task since it is an expensive city to stay in, however with little effort and carefulness one shall get the best deals at both luxury and budget accommodations. A traveller must prefer a centrally located hotel which not only saves you time but also helps you in saving money which you will otherwise spend on travelling within the city.

What all to see in London?

The capital city is a known one for its splendid, iconic structures and attractions. Perhaps some of these attractions can be a little expensive so one must always go for some money saving offers if possible. You will be surprised to know that apart from these expensive sightseeing there are attractions which are absolutely free to visit and are worth witnessing.

Museums & Green Spaces

Starting with the museums no visit to London is complete without visiting the Natural History, Science and the V&A museums. Each of these is an attraction in itself and is walking distance apart from each other. The natural history reveals the dinosaur reconstructions whereas the science museum is a real influence for kids as it incorporates lots of interactive experiences. The V&A on the other hand boasts of housing the largest collection of decorative arts and design in the world.

Moreover, the green oasis of the Hyde Park shall make you spellbound. It is a great picnic place too and the best place to take a stroll along the fresh surroundings. It is one of the eight Royal Parks in London.

A pleasant stay at Park Grand London Hyde Park shall make your visit to these places even more convenient.

Magnificent Palaces & Famous Attractions

There is no dearth of palaces in London. Starting from Buckingham to the marvellous Kensington Palace marks the real epitome of luxury in London. These occupied royal residences are worth catching a glimpse.  Moreover, attractions like Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Westminster Cathedral, Houses of Parliament and London Eye etc are the real places to watch which I am sure is there in everybody’s itinerary.

See Great Outdoors in the City

Changing the Guard ceremony is a great event to watch. It is an outdoor event which takes place on the grounds of the Buckingham Palace itself where the royal guards change their duties. Another great option is to visit Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Getting Around in London

Getting around this city is the most convenient one as plenty of convenient public transport options are available. London is a home to the most sorted tubes, trains and buses. The tube probably is the best way to travel to and from Central London. It is divided into nine travel zones. Whether you are making a onetime trip to the city or are a regular traveller an oyster card is the most sought after way to travel around. It is a kind of pre paid card which is allowed on all public transport options including the buses. It is not only easy to use, but saves money too as this travel card is less expensive than the actual paper ticket.

Iconic double decker buses are a quick and convenient way to travel around London. It even offers lot of sightseeing opportunities along the way. The bus route network is a sorted one here and covers the entire city with a 24 hour service.  Pay as you go on a bus and it can be done using an oyster card too.

A family weekend in London can be well planned in several great ways depending upon your budget and liking. You cannot turn your back towards the city without having fun at any of these places.

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