London’s Five Most Alluring Shopping Delights

London is one of most exciting shopping destinations of the world. People from all around the world visit London to explore the shopping scene in London. If you are looking to shop in London, then you are in for a delightful treat as London has it all from quirky retail stores like Dover Street market to the luxury shopping at Bond Street. If you just want to explore the famous shopping streets of London, you can do so, just browsing through the various shops enjoying the experience. You can easily spend an hour or two or even a whole day browsing the shopping streets of London.

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The Shopping attractions in London

Selfridges Oxford Street

Selfridges is the world’s most popular shopping destination. It was voted as world’s best departmental store. Selfridges is one of the most iconic landmarks of London. You can get lost in the vast expanse of the store. Just browsing through the stores will blow your mind. Window shopping was never this fun as it is in the Selfridges. There is everything in Selfridges from premium brands to more affordable brand. You can buy almost anything you want from technology, fashion, beauty, jewelry, home décor and different variety of foods. When you get tired going around the stores, you can have the best dining experience in the 6 floors of astounding dining options. You can simply take a snack or enjoy gourmet dining experience, whatever you want. Besides all these there are a number of events which take place in Selfridges such as Shakespeare Refashioned Theatre and the Body Studio. One visit is not enough at Selfridges, you will want to visit it again and again to enjoy the wonderful shopping experience of this shopping destination.

Sloane Street

Sloane Street is London’s premier destination for shopping for worlds’ most exalted luxury brands. Sloane Street offers a lot of variety in luxury items from high fashion, handbags, jewelry, all haute couture fashion and accessories that you ever heard of. So enjoy the intimate shopping experience in beautiful surroundings. Just stroll down from Knightsbridge to Sloane Square and discover the real essence of luxury shopping. Sloane Street attracts all the leading brands of the world in its stores and draws some of the richest clientele from all around the globe. It is home to all the leading brands in the world.

Covent Garden

There are three markets in the Covent Garden area. The Apple Market located in the North Hall of the main marketing building, famous for crafts, which are mainly British made like leather items, jewelry items and a whole range of other things. The Apple Market is famous for different kinds of curios, which are available every day of the week. If you are into such items then this market is the place where you will find these items.

The East Colonnade Market is open every day of the week. There are numerous stores selling all kinds of fares like handmade soaps, leather items, jewelry, handbags, hand knitted stuff like children’s clothing, sweets, different sorts of artifacts, magician stalls and household wares and stuff. It is a very popular destination among both the locals as well as tourists from all around the world.

The Jubilee Market in the South Piazza is another unique place. The shops change their stock every day. The market mostly sells antiques on Mondays. If you are an antique person make sure to visit on Mondays to get the best antiques on offer. From Tuesdays to Fridays the market sells general wares mostly like clothes, household wares and all sorts of stuff. The weekends are reserved for arts and crafts. Before venturing into the Covent Garden Market make sure you know about on what days what items are on offer.


The Liberty Market is famous for accessories of all kinds. Luxury items like luxury fabrics, exclusive gifts and beauty products another popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The Liberty Market is home to various designer labels in clothing and accessories. Almost all the leading and famous names are available here. It is famed all over the world for its designer garments and has caught the fancy of the ‘wanna be’ designers of the world.

Fortnum and Mason

Fortnum and Mason is the unique shopping destination for stuff like elegant wines, tea, coffee and all sorts of spirits and if you are looking to buy gifts then this place has all sorts of unique gift hampers. It is a unique place to buy the most elegant gifts to take back home for your loved ones. You can spend a whole day shopping for various items. You can find a wide variety of tempting grocery items both fresh and tinned. There are red carpets on the floor and beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. You can have tea tasting sessions as well. This gives a good opportunity for the discerning shopper to shop for all kinds of unique items.

Although London has many more shopping areas to boast of, but the above mentioned areas are the ones where you can shop till you drop and enjoy a most unique and fulfilling shopping experience, which you won’t find anywhere else in the world! So what are you waiting for? Pick up your bags are start packing for a most enjoyable holiday experience along with some world class shopping for you and your family and friends. Come to London and have a most wonderful time.

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