London From The Eye Of An American!

London is always packed with tourists from all over the world. Whether you are a history buff or just an admirer of architectures, London is the perfect place to be in. But the most dominant tourists that come to visit London are from the States. What must be the reason for such attraction? While there are so many different attributes of London, the most attracting thing is its rich culture and heritage. And just like other tourists, Americans too, get fascinated by this aspect. Hence, the maximum crowd can be witnessed once you are in a zone that upholds royalty.

Attraction For The Royals

While it is said that American gets attracted by the royalty of this place, but the real reason for this attraction cannot be concluded yet. However, the bunch of people in such places makes the saying evident enough. And thankfully, London has so many historical places that the Americans can very well enjoy. Whatever, be the case, the fact that they can even go extra miles just to have a look at the royalties cannot be denied.

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The Popular Destinations

Although, there are so many exciting places to visit in London and even the nightlife is quite prominent in this place, the real attractions are visiting the historical sites, which help in understanding the real flavor of this place. Some of the worth mentioning places are listed below.

ü  Windsor Castle: This 11th century palace, this place has a special historical significance. With its architectural wonder, this place was once famous as the military headquarter at the time of the Civil War. It also acted as a shelter, safeguarding the royal family when World War II was predominant. The castle, which is one of the oldest forms still stand intact and is one of the favorite weekend place for Queen Elizabeth II. Spread across an area of 5 hectares of land, the place is beautiful enough with long rows of trees which are planted 3 miles long at a stretch.

ü  Kensington Palace: This is one of the most highlighted places of the central London. Built in 17th century, this palace has been the home for royal families for decades. The palace has now been assigned as the official residence of the Duke and Duchess. In the past days, this palace was more popularly known as Nottingham House and projects some of the finest architecture of the Jacobean design. This is now one of the most visited sites not for the intricate details of the place but also because of its magnificent garden and Orangery. This palace is also the childhood place of Queen Victoria and holds very special significance.

ü  Tower of London: This place has been the silent observer of many events that occurred in the history. This place has been predominantly used by the royals for shelter and generating powers time to time. This fortress has undergone many damage time to time and has been renovated to hold some of the most precious artifacts. Inside the tower, one can get a glimpse of Her majesty’s jewels, which are on display for the public, and are being guarded very carefully. Owing to its location in central London and close to the River Thames, it is one of the most favorite destinations among the tourists. This tower has been standing still, protecting the royal elements since the time after the Norman invasion. The interior of the tower is widespread within 12 acres. This tower, apart from just serving as a treasury, was also used as a prison.

ü  Westminster Abbey: This is one of the most popular structures that very well display the British history. This place is the burial ground of some of the talents of England. Located just distance apart from Thames, this place is famous owing to its various collections of monuments. The most significant among these is the statute of mother Mary holding Jesus in her arms. This place also houses an immensely popular church, which is also a UNESCO heritage site. The beautiful architecture of the place along with intricate details on the paintings, colored glass windows, makes this place even more attractive. Well, to add to your knowledge, this was the wedding location of the Dutch and Duchess of Cambridge. The College garden located in this place is considered to be the oldest one in entire England.

ü  Hampton Court Palace: This palace was occupied in 1850 by King Henry VIII. Set across a whopping 60 acres of land, this palace also has a vineyard, which holds its name in the Guinness book of World record for the largest vineyard ever. On visiting this place, one can go through many elements of the past. The most fascinating thing about this place is the maze, which is one of the most mesmerizing things to see. With so many amazing features, this place is surely worth visiting.

ü  Churchill War Rooms: This is the first museum in London which displays Churchill’s life in a periodic manner. There is a separate room projecting all the minute details of the things that were used in executing and implementation at various stages of the World War. Apart from this, you can also see some of the pictures, videos and documents from his career as a politician.

Not only Americans, all these things can very well attract every single individual. So, are you prepared enough? While you may not much like history, entertainment is all ready for you!

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