Exploring Soho in your own way

Soho is one of the most hip and happening locations of London. Boutique shops, delectable cuisine, stimulating cocktails, live entertainment and a pulsating nightlife defines Soho in a single phrase. The city’s leading theatres, sex shops, and LGBT bars are to be found here in Soho. From crowded shops in daytime to gripping theatre shows in the evenings, and throbbing nightclubs in the late hours, Soho has something for everybody.

Access to Soho

Soho located in the middle of West End and covering an approximate area of 2.6 sq. km (roughly one sq. mile) is bordered by Oxford Street in the north, Charing Cross Road to its east, Leicester Square in the south, and Regent Street to its west. Soho is conveniently connected to other parts of London by bus and tube rail. It is accessible from Oxford Circus, Leicester Square, Tottenham Court Road, and Piccadilly Circus tube stations.

Soho is a location famed for its activities both for Londoners and tourists. Throughout the day the entire area is filled with people desirous of discovering and re-discovering Soho in some form or other.

Shopping in Soho

Areas in and around Soho is a shopper’s heaven. Some of London’s boutique shops an renowned outlets are in this locality. For fashion outlets and electronics goods Regent Street and Oxford Street are well known globally. Interesting boutique stores are located in Berwick Street, Kingly Court, and Carnaby Street. For habitual shoppers, London is a prominent destination. It is interesting to note that shopping in this city is such as important tourist activity that The Montcalm Hotels group offers special ‘shoppers’ packages’ at attractive rates. Let alone United Kingdom, there is a regular inflow of travellers to this city who come specifically for shopping.

The vastly famous Denmark Street with its musical instrument stores and incredible collection is also to be found in Soho.

Theatres in Soho

After a hectic day of shopping you could entertain by visiting theatres scattered across Soho. Be it musical concerts, operas, or classical plays these production units never fail to enthral. Prince of Wales Theatre, Prince Edward Theatre, Queen’s Theatre, Lyric Theatre, or Ambassador Theatre is the leading theatre halls that are used for every form of musical and theatrical performances.

These performances are held in the evening, thereby allowing local residents to enjoy these shows after a busy working day.

Bars and night clubs in Soho

Soho is perhaps most famous for its indulging dining and effervescent night life. From day to evening the footfall of Soho increases remarkably. The pubs and bars enliven with latest music. You could chill out in the most ambient environment with the choicest liquors or the finest wines. The choice of bars varies from the trendy boisterous ones to more relaxed surroundings. After a hard day’s work or a busy city tour, chilling out with your favourite drink is blissful.

Music played in these bars range from retrograde numbers to current generation hits. Jazz, blues, country, metals, rap, metals, hip-hop, and dance numbers have their share of takers. Evenings in these bars are energizing and simulating.

Soho is more crowded than other London locations in the evenings because of its vivacious night life. There are bars and nightclubs that are LGBT friendly. These are major hotspots and have high footfall. ‘Pride in London’, a yearly festival of the LGBT community is held in Soho every year with immense merriment between end June and early July.

There is also a healthy number of coffee bars dotting Soho. These stay open even ‘after hours’ and remain crowded till daybreak especially on weekends. After a night out at a night club, a cup of coffee is energizing and invigorating. It helps in overcoming hangovers and heaviness that are usual after effects of consuming liquor.

Dining at Soho

Epicureans cannot stay out of Soho. The area abounds in top class restaurants that offer lip-smacking recipes from across the globe. Be it Indian cuisine, Oriental dishes, Mediterranean fare, and of course English recipes, every item is authentic and prepared from fresh ingredients. Starting from breakfast to dinner, dining is an elaborate affair in Soho restaurants. These restaurants have distinct hours for serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

On weekdays, breakfast and lunch are usually served buffet as visitors stay busy and cannot wait for food to be served. On weekends, brunch is common in most restaurants. Lunch and dinner on weekends are relaxed with people enjoying with families and friends. Soho restaurants are never empty, and it is advisable to go early to get a seat of your preference.

  • Even street food is a great attraction in London. You could have fish and chips, steaks, grilled fish, meat balls, pork chops, soups, stews and so on. These are freshly prepared and wholesome. Some the dishes that should be tried in London are:
  • English breakfast consisting of toast, scrambled eggs, sausages, mashed potato, baked tomato, fried mushrooms, and tea or coffee;
  • Fish and chips – This is an international favourite and tops the food list not only among Londoners but even outsiders.
  • Pie and mash – Pie made from pork, mutton, beef and served with mashed potatoes and gravy;
  • Bangers and mash – This is another English favourite dish comprising sausages and smashed potatoes. It is heavy and keeps you full for long hours.
  • Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding – As the name suggests this dish is available for lunch on Sundays. The roast could be lamb, pork, beef, chicken, and even turkey served with vegetables, potato and gravy. Pudding is served in the end.

Staying in Soho

M by Montcalm London Tech City Hotel could be your perfect accommodation in London if you prefer to stay near central district. Major tourist attractions like The British Museum, Somerset House, National Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Palace of Westminster, Madame Tussaud’s, and Sherlock Holmes Museum are within walking distance from this hotel.

Once you stay in Soho you would be prompted to return here in your next visit.

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