Explore these 8 places this summer in London

The sightseeing list for London is a never ending one. London has an abundant of things to be seen and experienced. This city is very culturally alive and lots of things related to this aspect can also be explored. With an amazing beauty of nature, and lots of wonderful architecture, London gives the best view to its tourists. The royalty of this place can be seen in each and every corner of the streets resulting in the huge influx of crowds to this city every year. So, if you want to choose a location, where you can see a blend of sophisticated architecture along with the ancestral roots, then London can gift you everything in a package form.

Along with the unparallel list of architecture and sites, you don’t have to compromise on your stay either, when you’re in this city. London houses some of the finest hotels of the world, where you are assured of getting the world class features, along with the best form of comfort, hospitality and style. There are so many luxury hotels in London, visiting which can give you a jaw dropping moment with its elegant and classy interiors. The Marble Arch by Montcalm London is one grand example of such hotels. With its unending service, this hotel along with the Montcalm Royale London house has become a favorite among the tourists from all part of the world.

Top 8 sites

Although, there are numerous places to visit in London, here is a curated list to help you explore different elements of London if you are on a tour to this city for just few days.

Buckingham Palace

Does this place needs any form of introduction? This palace, which is now on public display, is one of the most hunted spots among the tourists. Royalty is personified in each and every corner of the palace. Some of the amazing things like changing of the guards or a tour to the palace attract the visitors the most. This palace is a huge one, which is in service to the royals since the year 1837. There are some unique features of this palace that can be very exciting, such as the audio tour with Prince Charles, the throne room, the sections of fine arts, the dazzling staircase and many more similar things.

London Eye

Hold your breath as you are about to witness the most amazing view of London, sitting inside the London eye. This is the biggest and the largest Ferris wheel of the world, which is in continuous momentum. You really need to be speedy enough in order to sit or come out of this majestic wheel. Located on the southern bank of the River Thames, this is also popularly known as British Airways London Eye, adding the name of the owner along with it. There are a total of 32 capsules and so you can expect the rush. So, if you want to experience this amazing thing of London, remember to book your tickets in advance.

British Museum

Visiting this museum can bring you close to the different elements of human history along with its art and culture. There are lots of artifacts being displayed, which projects the very essence of this thematic museum. You don’t have to spend a single penny in order to visit its cores and corners. With the construction of the building in Greek architectural design and lots of events and exhibitions, which are being held time to time, this museum has earned fame and accolades. This museum is open every day and you can very easily take a tour there.

West End

This is one of the bustling and posh areas of London, packed with a number of stores, government buildings, restaurants and many other entertainment elements. This area is located between the Central and the West London. Commercially, this area is a very vibrant and important place. So, if you want to experience the expensive factor in London, visiting this area will help you in understanding that.

Shakespeare Globe Theatre

This is yet another fascinating place to be in order to know more about the life of the most renowned writer William Shakespeare. It was constructed in the year 1599 by the Shakespeare playing company. But when a fire broke down in the year 1613, the theatre was completely destroyed. However, it was reconstructed again in 1614 on the previous spot where it used to be. There has been a construction of globe, having a height of 750 feet, in the year 1997 on the site of the theater. While inside the theater, with the help of guided tour, you can go on a tour watching the various events from Shakespeare’s life.


The Tower of London

This is a very popular place among the tourists for its rich history. This castle, which is now a secured fortress, witnessed the harassment of that time. It was the most infamous prisons of that time, which was also a part of the royal palace. The wall of the prison was the silent observer of many rude events from World War I, stories and tales of lost princes and some of the daring escapes. Located in Central London, on the northern zone of the River Thames, this tower is of immense importance in English History.

Westminster Abbey

This place witnesses a use crowd every single day. This is a very large church having the Gothic style of architecture, situated in London’s Westminster City, with close proximity to the Palace of Westminster. This place is of immense importance among the British, considering as a coronation place and even acting as a burial site for the royal families.

Big Ben

This is one of the most iconic landmarks. This clock tower is located on the northern side of the Palace of Westminster. As a combination, both the Houses of Parliament and the Elizabeth Tower is termed as Big Ben. It got its name from the giant bell, weighing almost 13 tons.

London is popularly known for these places. Visit each and every place and take home a part of British history and culture along with you!

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