The Oriental Experience in London

London is one city where you can explore the world. The city welcomes one and all with open arms and provides an exciting time of fun and enjoyment for as long as you stay. If you choose to shift base to London for work or personal reasons, you will soon blend in the unique multi-cultural mix and never want to return. Offering great work experience, London adopts the best practices of the world and implements them for all kinds of occupations.

Diversity in London

The unique culture of London can be seen in the markets and street stalls. The city is proud to boast of its diversity with people from varying cultural backgrounds freely interacting with each other, learning from each other, and making a cheerful mix to welcome others to it.

The cosmopolitan city of London has multi-lingual people coming from all walks of life. However, none of them have ever faced an issue in travel, shopping, or conveying what they want. The helpful Londoners go the extra mile to help tourists feel at home. The largest city in the United Kingdom is home to most ethnically diverse backgrounds and cultures. Gradually, it is seen that almost one third of London’s population has its origins in some other part of the world. People initially come to London and choose a hotel to stay before they can finalise on a house where they can settle in. There are various luxury hotel suites London has to offer that provide the much needed comfort in a foreign land. If you happen to be looking for a place in Inner London, you can choose to stay at London suites Montcalm which is located in Chiswel Street. It is closest to the Moorgate station.

Hundreds of Languages Spoken

The global languages spoken here are proof that at least over 200 languages have reached London through the tacit cultures with people. Although many people choose to stay in the progressive city of London to make a living for themselves, it is hard to let go of their own cultures and traditions. Therefore, several festivals and celebrations take place marking the uniqueness of their culture. The joy is shared through food, dance, music, and lots of love and laughter.

London is brimming with cultural neighbourhoods with people from a certain country living close by. Such areas include people from India, Bangladesh, China, to Ghana, and even Jamaica. Immigration is high in London owing to the high standard of living, the facilities provided by the U.K. Government, and the work opportunities for the right candidate. As expected, these neighbourhoods have a unique culture with their native language being used more often for intra-community interaction.

Asian Food

The exhilarating metropolis of London is a melting pot of Asian food. With people originally from India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc it can only be expected that the fine cuisine from the Asian kitchens will also reach London’s nook and corners. The Chinatown in London offers a wide variety of Chinese delicacies. Authentic Chinese restaurants offer dishes with secret grandmother’s recipes from their hometowns. The Indians too have many outlets that offer authentic Indian dishes. People from across London rush to Indian restaurants for spicy gravies and buttered breads. Of late there is a growing likeness for Japanese cuisine. The locals and tourists alike ask for Japanese dishes like sushi take outs, curry rice, Udon noodles, and an array of delectable dishes.

Festival Asia

This is the largest indoor festival celebrating Asia and everything about it. You can indulge in the delectable aroma of authentic Asian cuisine with a variety of mouth-watering dishes. You get a flavour of cuisine from a different part of the globe with its culture dipped in the various ingredients that go in the dishes.

Apart from food and drinks, visitors can enjoy spell-binding performances for various regions of Asia. One of the major hit is the Bollywood performance over some world famous tunes and songs. The musical performances showcase the vibrant energy and charm particular to Asian countries.

Festival Asia invites various Martial Arts schools to showcase their talent on the largest Asian platform. From Tai Chi to Kung Fu, the Martial Arts stage is set for some electrifying performances that inspire the onlookers to learn these arts to get focus, skill, and talent into their own lives.

Exhibitions are a major part of any festival and here too authentically Asian art and craft are celebrated. There are various stalls from Asia which include yoga, paintings, sculptures, calligraphy, meditation and spiritual practices from Asia, and clothes with fabrics specific to Asian countries like cotton, khadi and various silks.

Asia is the hotspot for traditional healing practices. From various meditation techniques to thousands of styles of massages, you have a plethora of ways to feel calm and centred after a stressful day at work. You can even use these traditional practices to heal yourself from a range of maladies and minimal cost. Here at Festival Asia you can get massages from Asian herbs, oils, and techniques for a relaxing and healing experience.

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