Best street food trucks in London

London is home to some of the most diverse and exciting attractions in the world. Whether you are a history buff, cultural aficionado or just someone who wants to have a good time, London has it all and plenty more. Museums, royal palaces, art galleries, fabulous shopping and the best in entertainment all exist in this iconic city.

If you are looking for the best of accommodation the luxury hotels in London city centre are just the perfect places to stay. Their location makes them much sought after because of their proximity to the top attractions as well as entertainment and shopping districts.

One of the best hotel chains in London is The Montcalm Hotels that offer premium facilities at a very competitive price. They are a popular choice of accommodation for business travellers and visitors to the city.

If you want to enjoy fine dining, London is home to some of the best restaurants including Michelin starred venues to choose from. Apart from the high street eateries one of the most popular eating options is its famous street food. While there has been a trend to associate food trucks with cities in the US like New York, Lon Angeles and Chicago etc – London has come of age and has some fantastic food trucks serving some of the most delightful food.

Some of the best food trucks to grab a bite at in London are:

Bhangra Burger: The Asian curry has proved to one of the most lasting and best-loved additions to the culinary scene in London. Bhangra Burger offers its curry burgers that stir up the most vibrant flavours imaginable. They are located at King’s Cross and KERB and immensely popular with locals and visitors to the areas. Their ‘crazy lamb jalfrezi burger’ is worth a special mention. It consists of soft Lebanese bread, with succulent chunks of lamb marinated in an assortment of secret spices and accompanied by pickle or mango chutney. It titillates the taste buds for sure!

Pizza Pilgrims: The boys at Pizza Pilgrims solicit their delectable pizzas at various locations across the city. Forget Pizza Hut and Dominoes the pizzas served at Pizza Pilgrims is probably the finest to savour in London. They two siblings came up with the idea after downing a few pints at the pub. They then decided to take a trip to the culinary home of Pizza, Italy where they honed their skills. Once back in London, they got themselves a van, installed a pizza oven and the rest is history. They have even opened two pizzerias (one in Carnaby and the other in Soho), while also selling their pizzas from vans across London.

Fishdog: One of the most popular street food choices in London is fish finger sandwiches. The food truck is parked at Lewisham College Car Park in Brockley Market and is the place to head for the most sumptuous fish finger sandwiches. The fish fingers are succulent and served in a hot dog bun with tartare sauce and mushy peas. Simply divine you are sure to ask for a repeat!

Rainbo: The guys at Rainbo have an altruistic incline and every 20p from a sale goes to an organisation working to alleviate the conditions of child labourers. A great way for you to chip in as well to the cause is to buy a meal from their truck! They serve superb gyoza dumplings and a wonderful array of Asian salads. Rainbo is available at various locations across the city and at numerous food festivals in London.

Bell & Brisket: You will find Bell &Brisket on Cubitt Square on Stable Street. If you were wondering which place sells the best salt beef bagels then a visit to Bell & Brisket is the answer. The beef is home cured and served on rye bread or bagels (your preference). The garnishing includes blue cheese (optional), honey gherkins, kimchi and any other toppings you fancy. They serve probably the best salt beef bagels in the city!

You Doughnut: Forget Dunkin Donuts, if you want to taste the freshest most delicious doughnuts in London, head to Cubbit Square on Stable Street, where you will find ‘You Doughnuts’.  They are simply mouth-watering bite size doughnuts that come with a variety of fillings and sauces. The toppings are something that everyone with a sweet tooth craves for.

The Orange Buffalo: If you have a craving for the Big Apple style chicken wings with homemade sauces, you can have them right here in London. All you need to do is drop in at Truman’s Bakery at Ely’s Yard where you will the Orange Buffalo permanently parked. Their crispy fried chicken wings are unrivalled in the city. If you are up to the challenge try their fiery Viper with blue cheese and celery to minimise the spice.

Mother Clucker: If you are in the Truman Brewery Area in Brick Lane chances are you would have caught sight of Mother Clucker, a converted ambulance in Ely’s Yard. They serve a smattering of fine food including their signature southern fried chicken apart from the ubiquitous mac ‘n’ cheese, cajun fries and lots more. Their delicious homemade sauces add a terrific touch to the fried chicken strips.

Healthy Yummies: For all those who are health and diet conscious the place to head to is Healthy Yummies on Three Mill Lane in London. Their menu consists of dishes made from only the freshest produce and highly nutritious in content. You do not need to count the calories when you have a meal here. The food is delicious and packed with flavours while totally healthy in content. So, the next time you want to try something different from the regular street food scene hop along to Healthy Yummies for a bite! You’ll love the food and be eating healthy too!

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