Australians Learn When They Move to London

There are various reasons why Australians move to London. Some arrive to study while others relocate for work purposes. The lifestyle changes along with the many ways of conducting a daily life. You can notice the subtle shifts in your life by observing the cost of living, the changes in the natural surroundings, travel, medical facilities are only to name a few.

The first few days in London will be spent in a hotel that allows you to search for a house before you move in. If you are thinking of moving to the west end side of London, then the Piccadilly London West End Hotel is the perfect choice. The staff is courteous and will ensure you all the comforts and luxury you need when you move to London from Australia. In fact, it is the top choice for a hotel in SoHo, London where are guaranteed a value for money.

West End in London

The Central and Western regions of London are generally referred to as West End which comprises several of the main government venues, businesses, top tourist attractions, and shops. It is the primary entertainment and commercial hub in London. In addition, it is also boasts as the largest business centre in the whole of United Kingdom! Once you settle in London, it is time to explore the West End.

Art Galleries and Exhibitions

West End is bursting with art in every corner. You are sure to find an art gallery at every turn and a popular exhibition being visited by the locals. Some of the popular art galleries in the region that showcase contemporary and modern art exhibitions are Victoria Mira Mayfair, Thomas Dane Gallery, The Mayor Gallery, The Photographer’s gallery, Southby’s London, Pippy Houldworth Galery, Christie’s London, and the list is just endless.

You can get anything from sculpted bronze boxes to large metal installations, from modern art, to large scale video installations. Every form of art is celebrated at exhibitions and art fairs in West End and it will be a delight to spend some time getting closer to the world of art.

London’s most happening entertainment hub lies in none other than West End. With landmark streets and notable squares and circles, all roads lead to this end of the city. This is the reason why West End is counted among the top two most expensive locations in the world!

Piccadilly Circus

A hyper intersection of streets makes this the busiest section of London. The centre of the Piccadilly Circus exhibits the Shaftesbury Memorial. This memorial celebrates the Earl of Shaftesbury with a bronze fountain. The top of the fountain hosts an aluminum figure of an archer known around the world as Eros. Piccadilly also is London’s fashion street with many of the city’s famous shopping outlets.

Royal Academy of Arts

The Burlington House hosts the Royal Academy of Arts, a self-sustaining society of artists and architects. Founded in 1768 during the reign of George III, the renaissance style building showcases the academy’s finest art work. Famous pupils like Turner, Constable, and Millais are celebrated here and to honour the skill and talent of artists, an annual summer exhibition by contemporary artists is open to public. Special private exhibitions are also held from time to time where, if invited, you can see the rare Michelangelo Tondo being showcased.

Burlington Arcade

The uniqueness of the Burlington Arcade lies in its being the pioneer in glass arcades in the entire Europe! This high end shopping complex in West End has retained its charm over the years. Also not changed are the rules that govern the shopping experience in this arcade. Costumed security personnel known as Beadles ensure that decorum is maintained and the joy of shopping is not hampered by anyone.


The modish area that results in the convergence of Shaftesbury Avenue, Oxford and Regent Streets, and the Charing Cross Road. Soho is the hub of record and film companies, publishers, and premium restaurants. However, if you are on a budget, you will also find affordable options in restaurants. The special attraction of Soho are the West End Theatre group. The area is full of iconic theatres exuding with an unending appetite for Broadway.

London Zoo

The city’s zoo is one of world’s oldest zoos and understanbly the most visited places in London. Founded in the year 1829, the Zoological Society of London runs the zoo and also uses it as a centre for conservation of endangered species of animals. The London zoo showcases the famous Asiatic lion, children’s zoo, and nocturnal animals. To keep the visitors returning to the zoo, the authorities have come up with various schemes like sleep overs and keeper for a day. Regular workshops are also held for children and adults at regular intervals.

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