Unique things to do in London

Visiting London has been on the cards for many people and it is on the top of their recall but then going for the same old itinerary becomes boring. Firstly it is repetitive and secondly you might miss out on the fun of exploring something unique and new aspects about the city. Usually as the people begin to make the itinerary they are held up by few of the most impressive places to visit like the Tower Bridge or the House of Parliament or going to the National museum but that is not how London is defined. The city is way beyond what you can imagine it has a plethora of things to offer it is just not all about the major attractions or the Royal parks there are many surprising elements which one should discover during their visit to London.

Miniature London

If you want to see the complete London in one short the best you can do is to take a look at the New Architecture view which has been scaled up model into proportion of one is to fifteen hundred times. The Goodge Street in London has the offices where you can witness the complete city in a miniature model. If you know it well as the back of your hand you can bang on spot the places but in case you are new to the city you can have a complete view as the model at display covers an area starting from the Paddington the famous street from the movie to the Kings Cross going far beyond the Batter Sea towards the Royal London dockyard areas. The office space where this miniature is preserved is in the ground floor location and in the model they have also designed some newly proposed buildings which will take its shape during due course of time. The vision about this compete city is depicted in this beautiful miniature model you get to catch a glimpse of ow London will eventually turn out to be in the coming years This office space remains open on all the week days that is from Monday to Friday from half past nine in the morning till six in the evening and during Saturdays it remains open from ten in the morning till five in the evening hours.

Speedy café

The café might not be of good interest to everyone but those of whom who are following the Sherlock homes series in the BBC television broadcasting might immediately catch it up. In many of the stories being shot the café has been appearing in almost all the shots broadcasted it has been the backdrop in the story revolving around the sociopathic sleuth similarly in another of its story which was showcased you could see Dr. Watson sitting and enjoying his cup of tea with cup cakes at the café. As per the literary accounts both the café and the detective would reside side by side in the Baker Street but in reality such a thing does not exist in real life it is just a plain vanilla café and there is no flat of Mr. Homes on the side street. If you happen to pass by the blue placate in that area it is to commemorate the Italian politician birth anniversary and yet it is quite insignificant holds no value for people out there. Although this café is just another one has not been able to cash on the latest popularity yet it is still better if you could spend some time here by ordering some authentic English breakfast for your self do plan a visit during the weekdays and also on Saturdays as the place remains closed on Sundays.

Buy an Umbrella

Buying an umbrella might not be a romantic affair for you but your mind will be changed forever as soon as you step into the James Smith and sons wonderland. Walking up on the new Oxford street your eye will catch the James and Smith shop nevertheless don’t think twice just walk into that space and be baffled as you see the romanticism created by the most extraordinary umbrellas. Few of my friends living in the Park Grand London Hotels and Park Grand London Kensington Hotel    had been taken back by the very idea of going for shopping for an umbrella only when they dropped in to analyse the shop that they understood there is much more to it than it meets the eye. The place had been in existence since the eighteenth century era and although it was a small shop then with James Smith himself carrying out the day to day business along with repairing the same. There are a huge variety of umbrellas both for men and women you can probably gift them too if you want.

Traffic light tree

Ever heard about this peculiar tree in case in the Canary Wharf area if you are visiting this part of the city stop by the traffic light tree although during day time it might not make a great deal of difference but as the night looms upon the tree is lit up with three prominent colors of green amber and red this has been built by a French man built for a height of eight meter tall and on this tree there are seventy five fully operational lights and you can see them light up as night follows the day light.


As you pass by the Kew Gardens you somehow get closer to the look and feel of a jungle and this place is called the Barbican built during the mid-nineteenth century times. Step within the premises of this place and find yourself in the middle of the conservatory where many tropical plants have been housed for people to see and admire. Although the garden area is not open to general public on all the days yet one can keep a check on the opening hours and make a headway for the place.

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