Unbelievable Attractions in London

Believe it or not the capital city of England is a place which boasts of everything from stupendous hotel living, elite shopping, the best of architecture, great entertainment and the best of attractions and sightseeing. It is a historic place with history dating back to the Roman times. Tourists usually come here to witness the renowned attractions such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London Eye etc, however there are several hidden gems which are not known much to the outside world but are truly incredible.

Are you travelling to London for the first time? If yes then you must have a well planned itinerary with you mentioning a must visit to the iconic attractions and museums. However, if you really want to make your trip memorable then one must try to walk on a different path then can be set by you only. Staying at hotels near Paddington station London shall make you believe that you must try out something different yet comfortable and convenient.

These hidden away arts, antiques and beautiful buildings don’t usually appear in traditional tourist itineraries. London is a destination of many oddities but only if you know where to look for them. Mentioned below are few attractions which are not that well known to a tourist, but are extremely unique and must explore if you have time:

Brixton Windmill

Generally you have seen wind mills in large open spaces just from the outside, but this interesting and unique mill can be seen from inside in the heart of London. Special guided tours are available which are open to public from March to October. There is not much space inside the mill so not more than three adults and two children can go.  This is the reason why you must get your tickets booked in advance if you really want to witness the real fun at a real wind mill.

Japanese Landscape at Kew Gardens

Without any surprise London is a place which is surrounded by green landscape and gardens. If you have known this fact then you must have heard about the renowned Kew gardens in London. These are botanical garden ideally located in southwest London that boasts of housing 30,000 different kinds of plants. In Kew gardens there is a Japanese landscape which is an excellently manicured landscape. It comprises of three garden areas which are all created to complement Japanese Gateway, Chokushi-Mon. The three areas include Garden of Peace which is a traditional tea garden, the Garden of Activity which reflects waterfalls, sea and mountains and last but not the least the Garden of Harmony which connects the two gardens.

For those who really want to catch a glimpse of the real beauty and natural looking woodland area must visit the Japanese landscape.

Just like some tourists prefer to look around these not so famous but great attractions they prefer a stay at the Park Grand Paddington Court Hotel which is a unique hotel combining the best of facilities and comforts.

Ruislip Lido

The London Borough of Hillingdon has this reservoir and artificial beach in Ruislip. The Ruislip Lido was opened and operating just like other lidos in London with the facilities of boating and swimming.  Originally it was a feeder reservoir for the Grand Junction Canal. Moreover, it is a beautiful 60 acre lake with a narrow gauge railway around and sandy beaches. The railway lies on the edge of Ruislip woods. If you want to reach the lido then it advisable to make use of a public transport as the car park gets full quickly. The boating and swimming is now not allowed in the lido and can be used for picnics.

Vertical Chill

This is a real fun and adventurous attraction in London. Have you ever experienced the thrill of ice climbing? If not then this is the right place for you to indulge in the same Vertical Chill is a real ice climbing location. It is an indoor ice walls which is simply an outstanding location for a thrill seeker. The presence of qualified instructors make things quite simple and latest ice climbing gears will be given to those who want to try. Ellis Brigham’s flagship Tower House Covent Garden Store was the first place where this indoor ice climbing walls was first opened. There is a refrigerated unit in which the wall is located in order to maintain the temperature. It will be a real fun to try it out.

Chislehurst Caves

It is a great tourist attraction located in southeast London and earlier they were used for chalk mining. Though, they are called caves, but this is man-made and is a 22 miles long series of intersecting tunnels. There was a time when these caves were used as a music venue and big names like The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd have performed here. Experienced guided tours are available.

Leighton House Museum

Just like this one London boasts of housing many famous museums and most of these allow free entry to tourists as well as locals. The former home of Frederic, Lord Leighton the painter is now being transformed into a museum which is a Grade II listed building. The museum is well known for its classic aesthetic interiors and is open for public on all days except Tuesdays. It was a studio house of the great artist featuring the Arab Hall. It is a place where permanent exhibitions of Victorian paintings, sculpture and drawings are held.

These attractions are a must visit for all unusual attraction lovers.

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