The London Bridge Experience: The most impressive guided tour in the UK

Every single aspect about the British capital tends to be both impressive and interesting. It is in fact everyone’s dream to check out a happening holiday trip ahead that will further let them enjoy every single bit of their time in the most amazing manner. London happens to captivate the senses of each and every individual in such a way so that everybody feels amazed throughout the time.

If you have plans to visit London anytime soon then you should consider to check out the best of touristy hotspots that enrich every vacationer’s mind with some great values. London is known to almost every vacationer as one of the most amazing travel destinations that makes you feel a lot more captivated from within. If you have always wanted to explore a large number of holiday destinations in the world but could not do so due to some stuff or the other then it is surely high time that you should look out for some of the things that make your vacation as much captivating as you have always imagined for. It is all about how much you can plan the trip that will matter at the end of the day. In order to ensure that you have not left any stones unturned, you must consider to spend adequate time in chalking out every single vacation detail properly. This will further help you to enjoy quite an amazing time ahead.

For the first timers, who have the dream to explore London can look ahead to check out the following places of interests:

  • The Buckingham Palace: This stately palace gives you the pleasure of witnessing the rota attributes of London in the most amazing way The State Rooms of the Palace are open to the public during a stipulated time period every year and this is when you should visit the Palace to check out the grand architectural exquisiteness.
  • London Eye: Stay over at one of the hotels near Great West Road that will let you easily access the Giant Observatory Wheel that is famous in the name of the London Eye. This rotating wheel lets you explore the panoramic views across the city in the most romantic way. If you have plans to explore the majestic skyline of the city then you must always consider booking your ride at the London Eye well in advance so that you do not have to worry about anything as such. London tends to make every vacationer feel as captivated as they want to become. Moreover a ride in the London Eye is definitely a must to let you feel great from within. You are surely going to enjoy quote an amazing time ahead by taking a trip to the British capital and also riding the London Eye. If you have an Oyster card then you can surely avail some discounts that will further help you in enjoying a quality time in the capsules of London Eye. The Eye moves slowly and anybody can jump on and off the capsules without the Wheel having to stop for a moment. It takes 30 minutes for the Eye to cover one rotation and the ride is going to be a memorable one for you to cherish for several years to come.
  • Tower of London: This was a former palace, fortress and an execution site. The Tower has seen several years of history that is definitely something that you would love to explore and enjoy during your upcoming vacation break. When it comes to celebrating the spirit of your vacation in the most amazing way, you must always look forward to plan things in such a way so that you can save some time for yourself is that you could easily book the Beefeaters Tour in the Tower of London. This tour has been designed to share important information and facts about the Tower of London. If the English history excites you then paying a visit to the Tower of London is something that you should never miss out on.
  • The London Bridge Experience: Staying at the Park Grand London Hyde Park will let you easily explore the various interesting facts that will further make you feel captivated from within.

Everything you need to know about the fascinating London Bridge Experience:

(a)  It is positioned in the vaults right underneath the famous London Bridge and the whole experience thing is a guided tour that offers you with a hands-on the theatrical experience along with bringing together several gruesome historical facts and horror stories. The London Bridge Experience is also considered to be quite an educational and fun-filled trip that lets every person feel a lot more enchanted from within.

(b)  The first and foremost section of the tour offers you with an exciting and spine chilling experience right through a historical tour taking you back in time. The history is brought to life by several actors and also some amazing special effects. This experience lets you see, ear, feel, smell and even taste what the london Bridge was used to be several years ago.

(c)   The second section of the tour is The London Tombs. This is definitely not meant for the fain-hearted souls. This is considered to be quite a terrifying trip taking you into the catacombs so that you could be made to interact with the zombies and ghosts. The London Tombs were formerly famous for being the plague pit. You would scream at the top of your voice as the surroundings are that scary. As you walk through the underground tunnels, you may find your pulse rate to be racing really fast. The London Tombs have received awards for two consecutive years for being the Scariest Attraction in the United Kingdom.

These are some of the facts that you would like to explore during your upcoming vacation break and this will definitely make you feel excited.

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