The Five Special Foods to Enjoy in London

London is the best place where you can taste foods with the best flavor and specialty. You can at best visit places like Hackney, Shoredtich, Dalston and the rest and these are based in the eastern part of London. Eastern London is presented with the best of cultural diversity and you would love the array of the typical foods being served at the place. London has always witnessed the culinary resurgence and now it is considered to be one of the famous foodie destinations in this part of the world. At the place one is being served with both the traditional and the contemporary food varieties so delicious and appetizing.

If you are living in one of the hotels near Piccadilly you can really visit the best places in London to get the taste of good food. East London is sure to serve you with fresh and palatable bagels. This is the East End Restaurant Classic and one is sure to like the taste of the Beigel Bake. This special restaurant is serving the best food for the last four years and you can visit the place at any time of the day to enjoy the special taste of the bagels.

The restaurant remains open for all 24 hours of the day and throughout the day and the place is known to produce more than 7000 bagels. The local name of the same is beigels and one is sure to feel so crazy with the authentic taste of the food. This is the oldest bagel shop in London and you would love the taste of the Jewish-style bagels being offered at the destination. One can even stop at the place for late night snacks and fast lunches. The outlet remains memorable or the serving of signature salt beef bagel. However, make sure to order for mustard to get the real taste of the bagel.

East London is known for the serving of Bacon Butty. This is the sort of British food staple and bacon butty is the sort of name given to the kind of bacon sandwich. The sandwich is specially served warm and one would love the serving of ample bacon on the bread. You would love to have this famous cuisine for breakfast and the taste of the food is sure to help you feel fresh early in the morning. There are more things to comment on Bacon Butty and this is the best way you can enjoy a perfect London life with the real bacon taste.

It is the outlet known as St John’s in Spitalfields to serve you with the special cuisine of Bacon Butty. The restaurant is famous or serving fresh and palatable bacon sandwiches and the preparation is done with the usage of the homemade breads. One thing you can notice is that the taste of the UK bread is different. This is the reason, you find the bacon tasting so unique and fantastic. The bacon is prepared using the fresh and the local stuffs. This is the best way one can enjoy the bacon served on the plate.

The Brick Lane in London is known for the famous curry. You can find the curry on the famous London streets. History says that this is the street where you find everything, starting from the brick manufacturer to the beer breweries. In London you can find the group of the Bangaladeshi immigrants and based on the culture there are innumerable Bangladeshi restaurants on the side of the streets. Once you walk down the street you can get the appetizing smell of the food being served at the place.

From here you can easily reach the destination of The Piccadilly London West End. There are innumerable curry restaurants on the Brick Lane and you can get the best of things to eat at the place. As you walk down the street you get to smell the flavor of the South Asian spices, fruits, vegetables and the curries. Here, you can visit the best curry house of London and this is known as Aladin Restaurant. It is real pleasure to beat at the place and have great fun with the special taste of the food being served with difference.

East London is best known for the serving of fish and chips. In all parts of UK one can discover more than 10,000 shops serving with fish and chips. This is the most famous food of England and one you munch the specialty you cannot really miss the elegance of the cuisine served with the difference. In fact, the food is so good that it is counted to be the national food of England. It is easy for you to visit ant London restaurant and order for the dish in style. This is the correct menu to lure your attention and with the taste so special you are made to feel on top of the world.

In London fish and chips is being served in most of the pubs and special eating places. You find the same in the several corner shops. You can just stop at the outlet and causally ask for the food. There is no need to ask separately regarding the availability of the dish. There is the outlet known as Poppies Fish & Chips and this is based in Spitalfields. One can be at the place to try the special taste of the special food served in the unique fashion.

London is known for the serving of the beer or the cider. To try the same one can easily visit Truman’s Brewery which is located right on the Brick Lane. The place was once famous or the porters and it was considered to be the largest brewery in this part of the world. However, till date the place maintains the same essence and you have the best things to expect from the destination. To have special taste of the beer you can simply visit The Pride of Spitalfield. This is the perfect outlet where you can sit and try the best taste of your life.

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