London on a budget trip

London is a beautiful city and expensive too while you plan to take a vacation here the prices for the flights are high in fact every other service is quite costly may be visiting the tourist spots or eating out or buying drinks for self it adds up to the costs without fail on that note it is very likely you can plan to shift or reschedule your vacations. Although such an extreme step is not required when you know how to budget your trip well as there are plenty of options here which keeps you hooked and is also safe for your own pocket. Some of the tips are required and necessary to follow without fail that will keep you always on track secondly you can even enjoy yourself by being in this unknown land.

Explore the places in the London city you might plan to walk around the city at first it might seem aimless but to be honest the best thing to be done here is to wander on the streets and in case it is not so hot or cold then it is just the perfect weather to explore the city on foot. As you plan to take a route the best one can be around is the river the Thames.  Walking down the Thames you will set your foot first on the South bank area and as you make your way the parliament Houses will fall in the same path it is that mammoth  building where the house of commons holds their meeting. As you go past the Parliament the Tower Bridge will be visible to you a beautiful bridge build during the late eighteenth century times. The beauty of the tower bridge is breath taking and in case you are lucky then maybe you might see the leaves of the Tower bridge open for the river traffic to pass by which is definitely a sight to see.

The giant wheel which you come across is none other than the London eye a ride over this will actually give you a beautiful and clear view of the complete London city a prized bird’s eye view very much appreciative.

As you cross these there will be a series of museums which houses the contemporary artist’s work called the Tate’s museum and it has Tate’s Modern art gallery housing exhibitions and launching parties as well. The Shakespeare’s globe is the next stop and you can choose to take a halt as it is one of the best theatres showcasing shows both from Shakespearean era to the modern era, but then you will be fast approaching the HMS Belfast and further you reach the glorious and guilty Tower of London once a torcher cell later a palace to the Royal lineage the place has seen it all as you come to a close of this walk be prepared for the next level of entertainment.

The other thing that you might plan to do is visit the beautiful Royal parks of London and they are plenty and beautiful too something you might not want to miss out as you take a walk through the Regent park which is close to the Regent Canal you can stop by and take a boating lesson in the canal whereby admiring the beautiful vicinity. My friend’s at the Park Grand London Hotels and 4 star hotels in London   had been to the Hyde Park where they enjoyed a full one hour boating in the lake after which they went for palace spotting t St James Park one of the most beautiful places.

My friends were quite interested in knowing about the cultures of London and also about the past history and in order to make the most out of these they planned to be part of the themed walking tours which are being guided walks where you will be accompanied by the guides along with that you can have audio guides too and this helps you with your native language, these guided tours happen for somewhere around three hours and at times they are free of charge which makes it even more better.

 Another way of dealing with ticket prices is to make or go for the London pass facility this will help you keep the budget of the trip under control as the pass helps you get through sixty attractions from a tourist’s perspective so every time you are going around you do not have to stand in a queue and pay for the tickets you can show the London pass and get a waiver. There are some themed tours also available about Jack the Ripper who had been the sensational killer during the eighteenth century period, quite an intriguing tale which you will surely enjoy.

Some of the famous attractions for tourist’s like the Madame tourist’s museum a wax museum built for all the celebrities is an instant hit with whoever comes to visit London, along with that there is a possibility that you can be at the London zoo also which is not only huge but is quite educative and the London dungeon where you can experience the London of the past times all these places offer you with every one person you can get an entry waived of for your partner but for these you need to be travelling by train and along with those try and bring the printed voucher from the website which lets you enter into these tourist spots.

Another way of spending your time in London is to visit the museums most of them are free of charge and secondly you get a chance to learn a lot about the city’s history. At the Trafalgar square is the National museum which is huge and exhibits old vs new art forms  then there is British museum along with that there is Natural History museum which has all the old artifacts at display for the public, then there is also a great opportunity of going through not so famous museums.

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