Ideas of what to put on social media to add to a top digital marketing plan for hotels

Hotels have to think about how they can engage with customers through the internet in this modern digital age, as many travellers use their smartphones to make bookings. A superb way to attract guests to an accommodation’s website is to market the hotel through social media. Residences need to be signed up to at least a few platforms including Facebook, Twitter and picture-sharing website Instagram. Social media is a fabulous destination for hotels to provide details on special deals and packages. It is also a superb place to advertise fun upcoming events at the accommodation that may encourage travellers to book a room.


What can often be an issue is companies run out of content ideas for social media or blogs, and occasionally need inspiration to think of a fresh idea to put online. Something that will really encourage tourists to want to learn more about a property is to know some interesting facts about the residence. Many people adore trivia and these little facts can really engage potential customers enough so they want to know about the accommodation. The facts could be about the property itself or the surrounding area including important landmarks or sights. The main thing is that it has to be entertaining and appropriate to travellers heading there.

The beauty of this is that all hotel firms have to do is take a short amount of time out to make a list of facts through some online research, which can then be used over a certain amount of time on social media. Creating some lists that tell customers about the top three places to eat out or the top ten attractions near the residence is a great way to encourage tourists to learn about the residence. This content is very easy to cobble together and visitors to the area will really appreciate having these types of lists to help them during a vacation. The lists should be accompanied by lovely photos or a short video filmed at the accommodation.

Travel companies should recruit the experts at World Hotel Marketing who will look after their hotel social media strategy ensuring they care for their clients. What they do best is to monitor what works and give regular reports on the company’s online presence. They will offer details about how the company is doing and social media plans as to how to progress. The consultants realise that the real-time engagement for tourists is what entices them to use social media, and they will capitalise on this to attract them to reserve a room or suite.

Another way to generate brilliant content for social media is through sharing a good story written by email from existing or past guests. Staff members always need to ask permission about sharing the story if sent through privately, but it is a superb way to engage tourists as well as get a positive review of the residence. Tourists are always searching for tips about certain topics when going on holiday, so hotel companies could also provide this sort of useful information. This type of thing can be used for tweets as well as blogs on the website, with the aim being that travellers will consider the hotel company to be a trusted source

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