How to win when using Meta Search advertising to get ahead in the hotel business

It is clear that OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) definitely have the large budgets to do well with Meta Search sites. Despite this dominance from the OTAs, residences can also actually benefit from Meta Search channels. A Meta Search engine uses other search engine data to create its own results, such as TripAdvisor and Google Hotel Finder. It means that instead of getting results from just one search engine the results will be combined from a variety of search engines, including leading websites such as Google and Yahoo. A tip for companies is that they should attempt to decrease their room rates lower than the OTAs are offering.


This is helpful because the algorithm on Meta Search sites is designed to show the lowest rates near the top. Although being at the top is considered beneficial it is actually not that important sometimes, as often customers come through to the website and do not actually book a room. The Meta Search site may lead travellers heading to the site to have a look but it could be that it does not create conversions. This should constantly be checked to see whether the clicks are actually leading to conversions. Something else to note is that hotel firms must remember to have different bidding strategies for each Meta Search site.

For instance TripAdvisor has plenty of influence on hotel bookings but actually tourists just often head there to check reviews. Due to this hotels should set a lower cost-per-click with them because it actually could be that the conversion rates will not be that high. Google naturally also is a huge deal when it comes to travel, but it can be expensive doing business with them. There is great value in creating brand awareness on this channel. It is very crucial for companies to also keep a close watch on any changing designs on Meta Search sites. It could make all the difference for better or worse if areas are changed on these sites.


The diligent members of staff at World Hotel Marketing will help with hotel meta search marketing and teach clients how to successfully use this tool. The consultants desire that their customers have the best website and will encourage firms to create a crucial internet presence. They can definitely help generate excellent social media profiles with key advice about reputation management. The reliable workers at this agency will work closely with companies to find out what makes them unique and promote this online. They will create a wonderful marketing plan and get them greater exposure across the web. The site will be easy to use and include the brilliant Booking Direct tool to attract customers.


What companies should really remember is that setting up a campaign means that the hotel firm needs to follow what is happening. As well as checking the inventory on a daily basis, it is crucial to do regular tests to increase profits. These tests must include tracking return on ad spend (ROAS) as well as checking conversion rates. Meta Search sites can clearly still be a vital channel to gain online exposure and increase direct bookings. Hotel companies must think about these tips to win at Meta Search advertising and gain new customers.

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