How Schema markup code can help a hotel business to reach a new audience

There are plenty of tools that can be used by hotel companies to encourage travellers to head to a website. One recent addition is to use Schema markup that is a code put on a website to help search engines return more informative results for users. This is also known as Structured Data and can help hotel companies get greater web traffic to their site. The main advantage of using Schema markup is to help a site stand out from rivals on a Google search engine results page or SERP. As there will be extra data from the website included on the search engine page, there will likely be more clicks through to the web pages.

There are many ways to add Schema markup to hotel website code such as indicating which social media platforms belong to the residence. Another method is to mark the hotel’s vital NAP (name, address and phone number) information. Schema markup is a modern concept but it is being used by major companies such as Microsoft, Google and Pinterest. Hotel firms need to employ a web developer to create the Schema code, but there is also help available within the Google Search Console. The Structured Data Markup Helper is a brilliant tool that allows hotel companies to firstly choose the type of data that they would like to markup.

They then have to enter in the URL of the hotel website and a window will load containing the site. Then staff members just need to highlight the data that they would like to markup and Google will give them the code to use. This tool is very easy to use and actually shows hotel companies where they should include the Schema markup in relation to the current HTML code. Firms can then use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool that allows them to check for any errors before taking this live. This is a wonderful way to deal with Schema markup and allows hotel businesses to easily complete this task without any hassle.

It is crucial for all hotel firms to chat with their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) teams to ensure the website code contains the required Schema markup. Important things to consider are tagging the basic NAP information as well as any particular special events happening at the residence. Of course hotel companies must also make sure they create a superb website that is appealing to customers with excellent images and content. Another top consideration is that the hotel booking engine is easy to use and that guests can quickly reserve a room.

Firms who want to succeed can employ the services of a professional company to aid them to get ahead of rivals. The consultants at Digital Hoteliers can help increase the revenues of hotel companies through great advice to create the best website design and booking engine. They have experts that can offer help with Schema markup code, and also know how to gain more customers by creating a wonderful hotel app. They have a consultancy approach that starts with auditing a business and creating a bespoke plan around the needs of the firm. The workers at Digital Hoteliers will provide advice on the best hotel software to use to ensure that accommodation companies become successful in this competitive industry.

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