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London is a known fashion destination for many whenever they come to the city on vacation they are out there shopping for themselves or for their kids. In case you looking forward to have a luxury spending in here  just visit the Harrods one of the most famous stores in the world and while a must visit thing in the itinerary list of the tourists. Harrods as a store had been opened during the eighteenth century time period by Charles Henry Harrod. The place was a small grocery store and at the same time sold tea to the customers but the service of this place was impeccable.

As you walk through this iconic building and once you see the green and golden inscribed Harrods you have to stop to admire this huge mammoth building that is situated in the Knightsbridge area, the green and golden bags like canopy that are a shade to the brightly lit windows where you would want to stand and gaze at their collection is just iconic.

While escalators are just a buzz word in the latter half of the eighteenth century period and you probably haven’t seen one yet it was at the Harrods as you walked into this store the place had a moving staircase. It was an awe moment for people as the Piat had gone ahead to install their first escalator in the shop and people had a chance to admire the creation. During those times it was quite a shock or may be a kind of experience they would have never imagined and so to welcome their guests the staff at Harrods had been offering brandy or smelling salts to kick back their enthusiasm of visiting the Harrods and all this had been a part of the exhibition organised at the Park Grand London Hotels which was all about earlier times in London.

Harrods had been an incubation centre for Milne who is an epic writer. Winnie the pooh a character got birth in London had been installed at the Harrods and it was a teddy bear named after one of the bear who had been at the London zoo. The fictional character found its place at the Harrods and they were a massive hit with the children even Milne’s son had bought one and it was on watching the child play lovingly with the bear that she was hit by those inspirational stories which went on to become a mammoth hit. How and who could wonder that Harrods can be an inspirational ground to a feat in itself and that too during the early nineteenth century.

Harrods is situated at a stretch of three miles in between the area which is called the Kensington area and the other being Knightsbridge and the triangle that is formed from Harrods to these pinned up areas is called the Tiara triangle a name being earned by those who just shop only from the Harrods.  My friends who had come to London for vacations were staying at the Park Grand London Hyde Park Hotel which is surprisingly closer to this Tiara triangle if the rumour mills are to be believed then at maximum sixty percent of the population is living here and the living population are the loyal customers of the Harrods.

Harrods have a code and they bear it all the time since the beginning during the nineteenth century till date there has been strict guidelines for visitors. They do not allow vulgarity neither do they want sham to be written about the store and about people associated with them. Secondly with the latest upcoming technology it is very much required to be more protective about their turf and that is why photography is a strict no for people there. In case there are backpacks with you please do not carry them inside it is a general norm to carry small rucksacks in case at all you want to carry something. It might seem that the guidelines can be flouted being a celebrity but perhaps it is different and that is why Harrods still has earned the respect it had during the time it was opened.

An interesting case  had been all over the papers during the early times when as far away as New Zealand one of the restaurant owner had tried to name his restaurant Harrods and the owner of this luxury supermarket Mohammed AL Fayed had taken a dislike to this  and sued the restaurant owner which was not taken in good light by the kiwis and they perhaps changed the name of the town to Harrodsville  it drew a lot of flak and negative publicity from the media and finally Al Fayed had to drop the law suit to better the things than they were.

Harrods has a tradition of branding whatever they acquire and that did not go well while they wanted to name the Manchester Kendal store to Harrods. After this attempt there was a lot of protests and widespread negative publicity and word of mouth which had tarnished the image of Harrods to that of tyrants which did not go well with people and finally they had to sell this off for the better.

This luxurious store has everything for everyone in case you need to check out the women’s section you will be amazed to see all the brands under one umbrella and similarly the gents section has all that a man can imaging from the big to the nitty gritty. The urban treat which is actually housing some of the best boutiques is on the sixth floor of this seven storey building and it has some of the international designers on board. My friends who were putting up at the 4 star hotels in London   had been amazed to see the perfume counter it had everything that a feminine can ask for each and every brand is under the same roof. There is a food hall for the shopaholics and there you can sit and enjoy some of the best culinary preparations at  from the best food counters as many as twenty seven food counters are there so you have a wide variety to say the least.

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