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 London has a number of sightseeing places and to take the tour of the western part of the city you might want to be a part of  the free tours that are conducted every season. These free tours are the royal walking tours which is spread over a span of two and a half hours and will help you to understand the historic significance of the places you visit in this duration. As you take a stroll through the Westminster area you have the opportunity to see many of the known places which you might have read about or heard from people.

 The tour guide will take you through some of the well-known places and nevertheless you will be accompanied by many others who are here with the same objective in mind of visiting the West of London city. The tour starts with the visit to the royal palaces as you are at the Buckingham Palace everyone how gazes at this magnanimous beautiful palatial building is mesmerised by the beauty of the architecture done in the Victorian times. The place has been home to the royal lineage who has been ruling the land and hearts of people. As the guide explains you will be amazed to hear the palace has somewhere around seven hundred and seventy five rooms in this architectural built. All the rooms have been tastefully done by the architects of England the furniture, upholstery and all the things have been done exquisitely. The lavish and beautiful garden just makes you go weak in the knees it is absolutely breath taking moving forward  on the same trail, you will see the Big Ben.

Big ben is the name given to the towering clock which is still chiming and the tower has been very recently been dedicated to the Queen of Elizabeth and hence named after her. Historically it was built during the eighteenth century period and since then it has been clocking the hours minues, days during the earlier times it was the only big clock which will give you accurate time and people would look up to big ben whenever they had to see the accurate time. As you plan to take the tour inside which is open to general public yet has stairs which guides you up the tower.

Moving forward in the tour is the central part of London and has been embellished by the most heard and talked about square called the Trafalgar Square. The history of this square dates back to as early as the seventeenth century when this was utilised as stables and was serving the White hall palace. But as the human mind evolved so did the architectural brains and this came in the shape of a cultural space which was depicted in the form of  Trafalgar square and this happened during the eighteenth century times but the cultural space was not left there and hence we see the National Gallery a monolithic building giant and housing some of the world’s best paintings by number of great artists.  Instead you might not be able to complete this tour in one shot it might take hours or whole day depending upon your inclination towards art and the evolution of the same.

The square has got a column erected in the same place known as the Nelson’s Column and this had been designed by the Railton along with that in order to beautify and to give it a true meaning of the cultural space the fountains had been built it is a sight to see during the festivities time  at night these fountains are accentuated by the lights which have been placed inside it makes the place surreal , the most famous shot which every photograph has the four bronze lions which is like keeping the Trafalgar square on guard twenty four cross seven an emblem which truly relates to the culture of England. All in all in case you feel like spending some more time and admire the scenic beauty around take some time off and do visit the place .

The other interesting thing to catch is the House of Parades and the Changing guard ceremony it is a ritual that has been followed through the times. This ceremony takes place at a particular time during the weekdays and the weekends on the weekdays if you are around the place at eleven in the morning then you can join the band of people to be a spectator to this spectacular site and in case you happen to be on Sundays around the place please reach the area around ten in the morning. As the guards change their positions they are being welcomed by the sound of trumpets this is playing the old school band and welcoming the guards on new shift. A sight to watch out for as rarely in this hustle and bustle of the city will you be able to catch a glimpse of this unique culture that has been followed through the ages.

The last but not the least is the House of Parliaments it is a beautiful architectural gift to the city very rarely you are allowed to go close to this beautiful place but whenever you see it from a distance you stand stunned with thousands of thoughts crossing your mind . This is the same place where the members of the House of Commons take great decisions and that is what makes the history of London richer. As the tour comes to an end you have almost covered the complete West part of London on foot and by the time you plan to say good bye you have a fair idea on what are the places you would want to go further and explore a little more on your own. Surprisingly the tour guide can help you understand the historical significance and in case you have a difficulty with English then there are audio guides made available to people and they can enjoy the same storied in their native languages, even my friends who were staying at The Piccadilly London West End Hotel and West End Hotel London  had a wonderful experience on these free guided tours.

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