Best spots to stay in Cambridge

The University City of Cambridge is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. Along with its academic twin city of Oxford, it is a centre of academic excellence in the UK. Its iconic university with numerous fine colleges attracts a large number of students from across the globe.

For those visiting Cambridge for the first time, there are plenty of fine hotels in Cambridge UK to choose from, in terms of accommodation. They cater to visitors and travellers with all types of budgets.

One of the best hotels in terms of cost and facilities is The Tamburlaine Hotel, located conveniently in the area station road in the heart of the city. It is a great place to stay at until you find suitable accommodation if you choose to do so.

Some of the best locations to stay at in the Cambridge area are:

Round Church Street:

It is the most central location to stay at and close to all the action. The only dampener is car parking is unavailable in the area, so you will need to carry all your groceries from the designated parking area to your home. The upside is the many restaurants found in the area. You could choose to dine out whenever you fancy and your budget permits. And as far as the groceries goes a little bit of exercise does no harm for sure!

Gwydir Street:

The area is reputed to be out of the friendliest neighbourhoods in the city, despite its rather plain and pedestrian surroundings. It is famous for its annual street party every summer and the place is one of revelry and camaraderie. Students from the colleges in the area and other parts of Cambridge gather in the area to have an exciting and boisterous street party. From painted faces to a whole lot of colourful and tipsy characters you will find them all on Gwydir Street. A lovely place to call home in Cambridge!

De Freville Avenue:

A tranquil and serene part of town you will find large and majestic homes in the area. That combined with the fact that you are just a short distance away from the river makes it all the more attractive. A beautiful spot to live in the place is home to numerous Cambridge faculty members.

The Marque:

This landmark that has its fair share of admirers and critics alike. Located at the corner of Cheery Hinton and Hills Roads it is the highest building in Cambridge. Considered ungainly by some, it does offer excellent views of the city, which makes it a cool place to stay in Cambridge.

Queen’s Road:

Perfect for those who study at Cambridge University it is one of the most convenient locations to stay in as a student in Cambridge. It is within walking distance of the University Campus and you do not need to worry about finding transport to travel. In fact it is a rather popular choice of area for accommodation with students in the city.

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