Attractions in London that Give a Feel of Other Countries

Just the mention of London conjures images of the London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral, that are world-famous icons but London has much more that are not so well-known but are beautiful places in their own rights. When you visit these places, you will feel that you are in some place other than London. Some of these little-known wonders are described below.

Little Venice: Venice in Italy is famous for its gondola rides and when you visit Little Venice in London, you will be able to get a similar thrill when you sail on a narrow boat down this picturesque waterway just north of Paddington. Although, you may not be in Venice, the tranquil environment of this place in London will offer an equal amount of romanticism. You can avail of a narrow boat tour to get a feel of the romantic charm of this place. You can also visit the Puppet Theatre Barge to enjoy a water-borne theatre.

Richmond Park: This park is famous for being the largest park in London as it occupies 2,500 acres of land and is also home to a National Nature Reserve and Deer Park. It has a rugged foliage that is home to more than 630 red and fallow deer which have featured in the park since 1637. You might also be able to see the heated effects of the deer ‘rut’ when there is roaring of stags and clashing of their antlers to claim a mate.

Brixton Windmill: This mill has been operating in Lambeth for a long time, supplying wholemeal flour to West End hotels and restaurants until 1934 before it had major breakdowns. However, it has now been restored and offers regular tours for people to visit and see it in detail. The restoration work of the mill is still going on and there are plans to start grinding corn again. When you visit this place, you will get the feel of Amsterdam.

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Kew Gardens: Get a feel of Japan at this garden and discover your inner Zen. If you have not been to Japan, this is the place to visit as you will be able to enjoy perfectly sculpted Japanese landscape and also see the neat bonsais and shrubs in the garden that appear like a beautiful scene on a willow pattern plate. The other features of the garden that reflect Japan is the ornamental Japanese Gateway which looks like Karamon gateway at Kyoto’s Nishi Hongan-ji temple; the stone baths; rustling bamboo, spring time blossoms and rocky out crops. You need not go to Japan to see Kawachi Fuji Gardens, if you have visited Kew Gardens.

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Vertical Chill: If you wish to get the feel of being at the peak of the world’s highest mountain, having a great mountaineering experience, fully equipped with ice axes, crampons but with the help of a trained instructor, you need not move out of London but visit Vertical Chill in the heart of Covent Garden. This will give you the best mountaineering experience, except that the freeze diet meals and perilous drops will be missing. You can easily spend an hour climbing the icy walls at Vertical Chill.

Ruislip Lido: London may not have the beaches of southern Portugal where the sun’s rays are strong but you can visit Ruislip Lido on the edge of Ruislip Woods where you will find a 60-acre lake, surrounded by golden sand and a miniature railway. It is an ideal place to visit on a sunny day as you will find plenty of sunbathers, sandcastles and swimmers. You will feel that you are in a beach in southern Portugal, enjoying a scene similar to the one in ‘Summer Holiday’.

Dinosaur Sculptures at Crystal Palace Park: If you wish to get the feel of being in Jurassic Park in the company of dinosaurs such as the Komodo Dragon’s dinosaur cousins, you can visit Crystal Palace Park in south east London where you will find 30 full-scale statues of these dinosaurs. You will also see an enchanting collection of concrete lizards spread around the park’s lakes, which are the remains of a Victorian theme park planned in 1854 that were restored in 2003. These are now Grade I listed.

Banya No 1: If you wish to get Russian Spa treatment, you must visit this place where you can get an old-school Russian massage that involves being swathed in hot wet leaves and being pummelled by venik which is a leafy bundle of herbs. This speciality treatment aims to reduce muscle tension as well as stress. Banya No I is the only traditional Russian baths in London. At this spa, you will be surrounded by high levels of steam as water is splashed onto cast iron heated to 700C, inside a brick furnace, unlike other conventional saunas. The best thing is that you will also be treated to plenty of vodka shots and tasty Russian delicacies as part of this experience.

Chislehurst Caves:  These man-made caves are 30 metres below Bromley borough but will give you the feel of seeing some Stone Age relics. These were carved out of chalk by Druids, Saxons and Romans. They have served several purposes over the years, such as providing bricks for London’s buildings, a WWII bomb shelter and an underground music venue featuring artists like Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie and Led Zeppelin. If you take a lamp-lit tour of the caves, you can see the Druid Altar, the Caves’ Church and the Haunted Pool.

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