The Three Best Experiences in the City of London

It can be your resolution this year to love the city of London and try all things unique and unusual. You may be living in this part of the world for enough time and still you can feel that you have not experienced the city essentials. This is the expansive metropolis for you to explore with the perfect intent. You have the best things to see within the city limits and you would always try to explore the unexplored and see the unseen parts of the city. In fact, London is filled with the best and the unusual adventures and you should always make attempt to be a part of the experience.

In London you have the scope to stay at Grand Royale Hotel Hyde Park London. A stay at the place will help you know about the options you can try with the best of confidence. In case, London is your hometown you will try to experience more than one thing within the city limits. In London you can get locked up in a room. This is surely an experience of life where you are made to feel so different. It is just like playing a game called Cluequest. This is the sort of escape the room game and you are made to feel so special when trying the real mode of gaming.

You can play the game in Islington London. To play the game you need to have a team of three to five people. The team is made to get locked in a room and they are given a set of hidden clues to solve. The players will also have to solve the puzzles and they are even given tasks to complete within an hour. These are challenging tasks that you have to accomplish and to get to the target you need to think the right way.

This is the kind of the mind game you can play with the best of elements. However, it is tough to become successful in the game and most of the participants are not able to complete the game within the stipulated time limit of 60 minutes or one hour. However, it is important that you give time to the game and there is the necessity for you to think strategically to make it till the end. The game is challenging but not impossible. There was a team to complete the game in 52 minutes.

The next experience that you can try is heading to O2. O2 is considered to be one of the largest stadiums of London and the ambiance of the place is just right for all sorts of entertainment. At the stadium you can sit to watch the sporting games and this is the best venue to put up with the best comedy shows and concerts. If you are lucky you can participate at the NBA Global Games match. This will help you gain the right status and prestige in consequence. Once you win in the game you can receive the Marriott Rewards and there are more things for you to achieve at the venue.

At the place you can meet with the NBA legends and with the stalwarts you can stand and enjoy the pre-game drinks. If you get a chance to sit in the first row you can really get a clear view of the court. You can also be with the players to attend the party after the game is over and most of the time the party is held at the Marriott Park Lane Hotel. The spectators are treated like kings at the place and you can be a successful part of the thrill.

Once you sit at the O2 stadium you can watch the entertainment live. In fact, you can enjoy the moment of time out and there are more things in the list you can really enjoy with the perfect intention. Everything is wonderfully displayed at the place and you can clearly see the players getting in and out of the stadium. It is real pleasure to be a part of the O2 crowd and there are more things you would prefer to try with the sort of zeal and enjoyment. It is just like making dreams come true at the massive stadium.

There are fashionable and famous Hotels in Hyde Park. Staying at one of the place you can be a part of the true London experience. In London it is time to embrace the inner American. For the same you can reach to the venue of All Star Lanes. This is the best place where you can try the art of bowling. In fact, the bowling alley is also considered to be the perfect spot for double dating. It is great fun at the All Star Lanes. You have the line of wonderful people coming to the place. You would prefer to sit and watch the crowd with immense interest.

The place is full of the American experience and this is the spot to help you enjoy the authentic diner-style menu. The taste of the dinner is just scrumptious. You may be recommended to try the nachos and the place is even known for the sort of occasional DJ blast. Here you can even sit and enjoy the classic throwback songs of the age. The songs are written and presented in the most classic manner. One can really feel the zeal of the song and you can enjoy every moment of your presence at the All Star Lanes.

When you are going through the modes of entertainment at the place you can also participate at the easy games on the lanes. After this you can enjoy a share of the hefty meal including the thick ice cream shakes and the deep fried items. All Star Lanes has branches in several parts of London and thus you should access the one closest to you. You can be at the place to feel the real thrill and the entertainment. It is a great way you can start and end in the London city in absolute style.

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