Skip the OTAs and Book Direct

There is a common misconception that if you book directly through the hotel the prices are so much more than if you book through an online travel agency, or OTA for short. However, both the OTA’s and hotels have to abide by rate parity which means one cannot undercut the other and this means that, whether you book direct or with an OTA, you will get the same price. So, not only will your budget be safe but you will also gain a lot of benefits by booking directly with the hotel.

Reward Schemes

More often than not, the people who do website design for hotels will try to incorporate a reward scheme in because, when customers book direct, they should be rewarded for it. It would follow a usual scheme where you collect loyalty points every time that you book and you can keep track of them with your own account. This aims to make loyal customers feel appreciated and the more you gain, the larger your rewards; you could gain a free room upgrade, a free bottle of wine or prosecco, a free breakfast/dinner or a free night at the hotel. Booking with an OTA would make you miss out on the opportunity of receiving these perks.

The Price is Still Competitive

As said before, booking with an OTA will not guarantee you the best price whereas booking direct will and, in some instances, may be cheaper. Yes, the rate parity means that the offer of the room price must be the same, however, OTAs are known to add on charges for things like payment and booking charges whereas a direct booking with a hotel will forgo all of that.

The Online Discounts Make Booking Direct Worthwhile

Booking with a hotel is much better for the hotel’s business because third-party booking engines take an amount of profit away from the hotel as commission and so booking direct will save the hotel money. This will benefit you because the money that they will save is turned into discounts for their guests who book through their hotel website. At certain time throughout the year, hotels will present a multitude of offers and discounts of direct paying guests, such as a free night when booking 2 or more nights, a free breakfast, a percentage off your dinner in their restaurant, and these offers can and will be missed if you book a room through other means. These discounts give you the offer to lessen the blow to your budget.

They Keep the Better Rooms for Themselves

Quite simply, the best rooms the hotel owns are going to be the ones that are sold directly through their own website. The third-party engines will simply assign you a room but, if you book direct, you are able to choose your own room as well as upgrade if you want to. If you want to book a suite, these will only be available through the hotel’s website and, more often than not, there will be an offer attached to it.

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