Shoreditch Street Arts: One of the Best Ways To Enjoy Your London Trip

Shoreditch is located towards the eastern fringes of the city of London. Typically a lesser visited part of the city, because of its notoriety until the recent past, East London is increasingly become a very popular destination for tourists after the 2012 London Olympics, and for the Shoreditch street arts.

Shoreditch presents some of the best street art specimens in the whole world. The skill and intricacy of the work done will leave you mesmerised. The entire area is vivacious with colours everywhere, expressing the innermost thoughts and dreams in the form of artistic manifestation on the walls of the street, café, restaurant and market places.

How To Reach Shoreditch From The Heart of London

Shoreditch in the east end of London, is very easily accessible from the rest of the city, and The Montcalm Hotels. You may get on the London Underground tube from the Marble Arch Station, get down at Liverpool Station, and walk. Trains are available after every 5 minutes and the total travel time is approximately 12 minutes.

You can also avail of the bus service from the Oxford Circus and travel more or less 4.5 kilometres in less than 40 minutes, to reach Shoreditch Great Eastern Street. The route number of the bus is 55 or N55, and is available every 5 minutes.

How To Best Enjoy the Street Art at Shoreditch

Shoreditch street art is made famous with the contribution from many international artists of great talent, apart from the local artists as well as gifted painters from all over the UK. The best way to tour the area is to seek the help of a professional guided tour provider. They are plenty in number and usually pocket – friendly. They will be able to show you the best master – pieces and give you details about the creators, the history of the art and the stories behind the exquisite creations.

With the help of the art tours, you can have an amazing experience exploring, taking photographs and absorbing the exciting art works done all over the area. You can be a judge, trying to point out the best mural of all, and have a really enjoyable time, being the best connoisseur of art.

An added experience while taking a guided art tour is to get introduced to some of the leading artists and take snaps with them. The guides provided to you, are, in general, art critiques themselves, and can help you pick out the finest ones for you to take photographs of. They can also give you apt guidance on how to capture the best possible snaps.

Types of Art Work That You Can Witness in Shoreditch

Shoreditch street art mainly comprises the following types of artwork. You can take a look at all the varieties, or choose the types that you want to enjoy watching:

  • Sculptural art
  • Spray-painted shutters
  • Stencil art
  • Beautiful murals
  • Environmental and political themed art
  • Paste up art
  • Freehand painting and so on

Here at Shoreditch, you will be able to see constant evolution in the type of work, showcasing the brilliance of newer and newer personalities every day. With such ever – changing scenario, it is difficult for you to have a complete tour of the place with all information, if you are on your own.

What are There to Discover in and Around Shoreditch

Shoreditch is one of the most happening places in the whole of London. While on tour there, you must not miss:

  • The all – time buzz of the Brick Lane, with its Indian spicy aroma of food, its very own culture and its shopping extravaganza.
  • The historical significance of Spitalfields and its added glamour after the 2012 Summer Olympics

The tour to Shoreditch is, no doubt, the one that promises new taste, away from the much beaten tracks in the rest of London. It can be a real eye – opener for the student of art, who has been touring the whole of Europe, trying to discover ‘the real thing’. The unconventional, ephemeral art form is a real treat to the eyes of the expert and the amateur alike.

Shoreditch Street Art – A Whole New World, A Whole New Way

In London, wherever you have put up, maybe a boutique hotel in the league of Montcalm London Tech City Hotel, or some bed and breakfast around East London, you can have  a whole new experience and taste of the city if you visit Shoreditch. Haven’t you had enough of the parks, museums, palaces and posh shopping? Now, indulge in some shopping at wholesale prices at Brick Lane. Also taste the curries here, with the rich Indian herbs and spices. Here, you can bargain on the price of the food, and can also get a bonus bottle of wine!

Afterwards, take the walk down the unknown lanes and streets of Shoreditch and let your heart fill with amazement and joy at the impeccable art work. It will be a tour of 1.5 miles approximately, and will take, on an average three and a half hour, depending on the rush of tourists on that particular day.

Customise Your Art Tour At Shoreditch

You may also ask for a detour and spend longer hours at a particular street, or with a specific artist. Everything depends on your free will. Its completely your decision on how to enjoy the art at Shoreditch. Whether you are travelling alone or with friends and family, or you are a part of a students’ tour group, the best art tour agencies of Shoreditch may arrange for the best customised guided tour for you. You name the type of art that you want to concentrate in, you can spend hours watching the master-pieces in that particular art form. Interviews and meetings with artists can also be arranged on prior request, and you can have a great time in the company of some of the best street artists in the whole world.

Lose yourself in a kaleidoscope of ingenuity and energy formed on the walls of the Shoreditch area. Taste the ever – changing colours of creativity and get an all – new taste of London at Shoreditch.

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