See the World’s Best Works of Art in London

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” applies to masterpiece works of art as it does to other beautiful things in life, but only of you can see the masterpiece in the flesh. Seeing an original work of art is indeed a captivating experience especially, if you can appreciate the fine points of art, get in tune with the stories behind the creation and understand the artist responsible for the creation.

London is a hot bed of art as it has 857 galleries exhibiting one or the other form of art, including some of the most famous in the world. Given below are some of the best pieces of art along with brief facts regarding these works and where to find them. However, there are many pieces that come to London briefly and are then loaned out to other galleries in the world or are taken for restoration.

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The Water-Lily Pond:

Created by Claude Monet in 1899, this masterpiece is being exhibited at the National Gallery. It was painted in his garden in Giverny and is one of the earliest works in the Water Lily series of the great painter and had been painted before he suffered from cataracts. The subject of the masterpiece is a Japanese style bridge that spans over shining greens and pinks. Monet had painted such a view 17 times in just one year.

The Fighting Temeraire tugged to her last berth to be broken up:

Painted by JMW Turner in 1839, this masterpiece is being exhibited at the National Gallery. Conveying a deep sense of loss and a political undertone, this painting is nevertheless utterly beautiful as it shows one of the most fearsome gunships of its time, Temeraire, being tugged by a paddle boat towards its destruction. It clearly gives the message that even the most powerful and fearsome people or things have to meet their end. In this case, the reference is to Britain’s naval power which is on the decline. However, from a technical point of view, the painting presents a beautiful contrast of styles with finely portrayed details of the ship. The rigging has been lightly sketched and the paddles of the boat are seen clearly slicing the water, and there is a fantastic explosion of colours in the sky. There are thick layers of oil paint that have been used to give the sun and sky colour combinations such as silver and gold, red and purple in turns. A Radio 4 poll in 2005 had declared this painting as the nation’s favourite painting.

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Self-Portrait with Two Circles:

Being exhibited at Kenwood House, this masterpiece by the famous painter, Rembrandt was painted around 1669. The pain and frustrations that the artist had suffered because of the loss of his wife, three children and his mistress, are clearly visible in the features of the painting especially in the way he is sitting upright, square-jawed, and the defiance that is evident in his jaws. This self-portrait is quite a contrast to his earlier ones in which he appears energetic and playful. It was painted just four years before the loss of another son and his own suicide.


Painted by Vincent Van Gogh in 1888, this masterpiece is being exhibited at the National Gallery. It is one of a series of Sunflowers that he had painted in order to present his new creations in order to impress Paul Gauguin so that he could share a studio with him. The first four in the series were painted in just six days on a diet of coffee and booze. The other paintings that are worth seeing along with the Sunflowers are his famous Chair; A Whitfield, with Cypresses; and the magnetic 1899 painting Two Crabs, which is often overlooked.

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Blue Nude II:

This painting by Henri Matisse was made in 1952 and is being exhibited at London Print Studio. This was one of his last creations that were made when he was too ill to paint. However, his playful, vibrant art brings out the form that he has in his mind marvellously. The Blue Nude series and his new form are quite deceptive as they may seem to be simple, but they reveal a lot to the trained eye that can catch the swirling of the limbs around each other and slight incline of the neck that makes the posture very human. It may be straightforward but it is undoubtedly very captivating.

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A masterpiece of nudity, this painting by Sandro Botticelli was made around 1490 and is being exhibited at the V&A. Although it is not the famous Birth of Venus, yet it is almost similar as it exhibits the same basic nudity which had for some time been suppressed by Christian influence. However, the message comes loud and clear in the eyes while there can be many interpretations drawn from the expressions. It would also be a good idea to go to the National Gallery to see Venus and Mars that was an earlier creation.

The Skiff (La Yole):

This masterpiece created by Pierre-Auguste Renoir in 1875 is being exhibited at the National Gallery. It is a stunning example of impressionism that highlights the use of vibrant colour by Renoir as the orange and blue excel in contrast while the painting is like a sea of tranquillity.

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