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Things tourists can do when they visit the South Bank and Waterloo areas in London

Tourists heading to London for a holiday will be really pleased with the range of activities and landmarks found in the South Bank area. Travellers will appreciate the many brilliant arts venues found dotted along the water’s edge of the Thames River. The most famous of these is the Southbank Centre that offers the Royal [...]

Eating Options around Top Attractions in London

One of the things that make London a most desirable city to visit is the availability of all types of food at different places of this vast metropolis. Besides the fact that you can get top-class restaurants in luxury hotels and all types of eating places in High Streets as well as in the markets [...]

The best events and occasions to be held in the next few months in the city of London

Often tourists will arrive in London with the sole purpose of seeing the city’s major sights and landmarks. They will perhaps not consider the opportunity of heading to special occasions or events that are held in the English capital. There is always plenty to do in London so tourists will not get bored when they [...]

Explore Wildlife in North-East London by Bike

If you wish to explore wildlife by bike, there is a favourite north-east London loop that you will enjoy doing as it links six sites in the area where you will find a surprising haven for wildlife. There may be similar areas in other parts of the city and they are all essential for our [...]

See the World’s Best Works of Art in London

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” applies to masterpiece works of art as it does to other beautiful things in life, but only of you can see the masterpiece in the flesh. Seeing an original work of art is indeed a captivating experience especially, if you can appreciate the fine points of art, [...]

5 Ways to Showcase Your New Hotel

Whether you are an experienced hotelier or this is your first venture into the world of hospitality, your hotel launch needs to be done well.  People are not necessarily going to rush to stay in your rooms just because you are the newest hotel in town; in fact, you may well discover the opposite is [...]

Best of London attractions you can’t miss

Have plans to make a move to the European continent anytime soon? This is a vast continent which is well enriched with a large plethora of fascinating travel hotspots that you can surely look forward to explore during your upcoming vacation break. If you have been planning out on a trip to the European continent [...]

Trying to Make Cakes and Cookies with the Friends

To be honest it is always good to have friends and chocolates in London. This is the best way you can enjoy yourself the most within the city limits. You have more things to enjoy and explore within the city limits. You can plan for a trip in the stunning villages of Cotswold. You can [...]

8 Places to visit near Chiswell Street London

Have you ever dreamt of holidaying in the English capital? London, being the proud capital of England is famous for a whole lot of eccentric attributes. One of them is its popularity for possessing a wide array of exclusive tourist hotspots. This city is famous for its diverse background that is as diverse as you [...]

Why You Need an Online Presence for Your Hotel

The advancement of technology has revolutionised the travel industry over the last few years.  Gone are the days when people needed to visit a travel agent in order to book a trip away, now it is possible to book every single aspect of a holiday from the comfort of your home or even whilst you [...]