Implementing Mobiles into Your Business

It is the age of mobile phones; not only are they used for making phone calls and sending texts, they’re also used to transfer money, to make payments and connect with others through social media. As a business tool, mobiles are fast becoming an essential, especially when it comes to customer service and it ensures that the staff are constantly on hand to deal with any queries that your customers may have.

So, should mobiles be a part of your business? Could your hotel revenue management system benefit from incorporating mobiles into your everyday business? Here are a few reasons why using mobiles in your hotel business may be a good idea.

• Mobiles Are…Well…Mobile!

Quite simply, mobiles can be taken everywhere with you and, in a hotel business, this may be invaluable. Gone are the days where staff have to stand behind a desktop computer at reception waiting for guests, they can use mobiles to book and assist guests wherever they may be. They allow both guests and staff to interact, for messages not to get lost through mixed messages and this, in turn, will create a loyal stream of guests which is guaranteed to boost your revenue.

Mobiles applications have boomed in more recent years and, the beauty of bringing mobile phones into your business is that you can create your own app to suit your brand. This app can do a multitude of things such as provide instant messaging, allow customers to book themselves in, offer a loyalty reward scheme, allow customers to upload their reviews and pictures directly onto it which will come up on either your social media page or your website or both! Customers can also use the app to research your hotel, to find out events or attractions in the local area; a good business move is to connect with other businesses in your vicinity and offer deals to your guests which will be beneficial to both businesses. It is a great way to allow guests to take control as well as providing impeccable customer service.

• Allows Instant Updates

Even if you decide against using an app, having a customer’s mobile phone number is invaluable to your business. On the day of their arrival, you can message the guests to inform them that their room is ready; you can offer any add-ons to their stay such as a room upgrade, a table at your restaurant or a bottle of wine with their meal. You can also use this service to check them in and out of your hotel as well as receiving a review on their stay. Once the guest has left, you can keep in touch with offers such as buy a two night stay for a certain price or money off a stay if they recommend your hotel to a friend or colleague. It is a simple yet effective way to ensure loyalty and to spread the word about your business.

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