Enjoying the Usual London in an Unusual Way

London has many attributes and is known to different people for different reasons. However, if you ever ask around what the general perception is about the city among those who travel and like visiting new places, most will respond with statements like, ‘it is the most beautiful city in the world’, or, ‘it is a dream holiday destination, or may be speak about some of the best attractions, food, culture and life of London. However, that’s not all that the city has in store. Those who know where to look have found some uncanny ways to enjoy the visit to this royal capital. These are certainly not the usual attractions of the city that you will come across in the normal tourist guides. Which is why, you need to check them out the next time you plan your trip to London. It will change the way you consider enjoying London.

The one thing that comes to mind the minute regular travellers thinks about London attractions is the plethora of museums all across the capital. London is literally dotted with museums and the best part is that most of the are free to visit. However, if you are looking for some of the most unusual places in the city, the funny thing is that is too can begin with a museum. The museums we are speaking of is the hunterian Museum. Its exhibits numbering more than 3500 includes pathological and anatomical preparations, botanical items, fossils, paintings, and even specimens from Sir Joseph Banks and Edward Jenner. I must admit, that is quite a unnerving place to be, if you were not a big fan of the biology laboratory in school. A fair warning, try not to visit the place with filled up stomach if you are not too sure about yourself.

The peculiarity of London seem to rub off on everything London. Have you ever been to Madame Tussauds? Probably you even remember visiting the basement. If it was too long back then you are probably unaware of the latest replacement done. In the basement of the famous Madame Tussauds you will find an incredibly interesting interactive display themed on Sherlock Holmes. However, you will have to hurry since as far as latest news is concerned, the last date of the exhibit is on July 15, 2017. May be Madame Tussauds will return the Chamber of Horrors back to this place or maybe we will find even more crazy stuff in the basement.

How many of you played the game of treasure hunt in your childhood? Probably each one of you did. It is one of the most engaging and interesting games to have ever thought of. But, in London, you can take this a notch up with the entire city being your playground. If you still have that adventure spirit burning within you, you are welcome to try out this really interesting and unusual thing while you are on a trip to the capital. If you have got kids with you, this is a ‘must do’ activity to make the holiday the most memorable one.

Are you thinking that your trip to london cannot be any crazier? Think again! You have probably heard a million times that the city of London is known for some of the best drinks you will ever taste. There are bars and pubs all across the city that serves some of the finest drinks and cocktails. You will find top class restaurants and bars providing the most enchanting ambience as you sip the carefully prepared drinks. However, you probably never thought a loo can turn into a drinking location. Probably none of us ever think that we will be drinking in a loo some day. But, that can be true. There are a number of bars and pubs that are now coming up in the places where once used to be public toilet. And, it does not stick to bars and pubs alone. You will be able to enjoy coffee break too at one of these places. Just when you thought that the city can’t go any crazier, London will spring back with a new surprise.

When we were kids, puppet shows had a strange kind of attraction. It was not mere storytelling. We used to get immersed in the tale as we saw the tiny puppets being brought to life through the use of strings and enact the entire tale. Well, London sure knows what’s worth keeping alive, for there is this the puppet theatre Barge. It is a floating theatre, much like Venice and kids love the place.

Every city has some attraction that is not too well known. London is no different than others. When you are travelling to London, make sure you find out some time for yourself to check out the lesser known parts of the city. The locals can be of great help. It is also one of the best ways to ensure that you get away from the crowd for some time and enjoy the flavour of London all by yourself. Doesn’t it feel good to be able to walk freely through the streets without having to show the direction to the Piccadilly Circus or the Buckingham Palace to other tourists?

When you are planning your tour and stay in London, make sure you pick up a good location that will be well within your budget. You will find London city suites of all budgets. Check out the location too since it is wise to stay close to the places you will be frequenting during your stay. The Montcalm Brewery Hotel on Chiswell Street London is a fine accommodation that you may approach during your visit. But, get the reservation done with in advance.

London will never fail to surprise you if you know where to look. We have simply listed a few unusual places and things to do in the city. There are plenty more waiting for you to discover. Just let the curiosity within you guide through the city and try to know the tales of the various parts of the city. By the time you are done with the English capital, you will have a tale of your own to narrate.

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