Best places for a romantic date in London

While Paris is acclaimed to be the romantic capital of the world, London certainly does not lag behind! London is as romantic as Paris, provided you know which spots to visit with your loved one. From its scenic parks to romantic restaurants, there are plenty of places to enjoy a romantic rendezvous!

If you are looking for a place to holiday to celebrate your anniversary or any other special occasion, London is the place to visit. To make you trip more enjoyable and reduce the hassle of travel, you could choose to stay at any of the London hotels near Paddington Station.

A good option would be the Park Grand Lancaster Gate Hotel that offers value for money, while offering premium facilities. Some of the best locations to visit on a romantic date are as follows:

Take a Thames River Boat Cruise: A great way to spend time with someone special is to go on a romantic boat cruise on the River Thames. The river flows through the centre of London and along the route you will get an opportunity to see some of the most famous landmarks like the Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast, The Shard and Bog Ben among other famous sites. There is the option to take a full three hour cruise or alternately choose a hop-on/hop-off tour to explore the attractions en route.

Take a trip to Kew Gardens: The home of London’s Botanic Gardens Kew Gardens is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you will get to see a stunning display of exotic flora with some of the most incredible landscapes. It is just half an hour away from the centre of the city. There is nothing quite as romantic to take a stroll with your loved one along its historical walkways, set amidst tranquil surroundings with amazing glasshouses and galleries to captivate the both of you. One of the best times to visit the gardens is at Christmas, when the entire place is lit up with stunning light displays.

Get aboard the London Eye: A novel way to go on a romantic date is to hop aboard the special private capsule on the London Eye. The experience includes chocolates and champagne and is well worth the money spent. There will be just the two of you on board the capsule with stunning views of the city and its scenic surroundings.

Pucker up at Kensington Palace Gardens: Kensington Gardens is a paradise for couples with beautiful flower beds and lush greenery to view all around the place. And one of the lesser known facts is that the garden harbours a lover’s arch set amidst plenty of foliage, which makes it ideal to pucker up. It is at the front of the palace, the perfect place to get away from the crowd and enjoy a private canoodle.

Visit Primrose Hill at twilight: One of the most romantic spots to visit is at the summit of Primrose Hill when the Sun is about to set at evening. It offers incredible views of central London. You could spend time with your partner seated on any one of the benches, while the Sun disappears in the distant horizon. Later you could sneak off to any of the fine restaurants for a drink and meal.

 Enjoy a show at the West End: You could spend the night out in town with the both of you enjoying a theatrical performance at London’s West End. To make the occasion more special, you could choose to watch a love story to make the evening more romantic. After a great show you could end the evening with a romantic dinner for two at any of the trendy restaurants in the area.

Sip on fine wine in a cave: To make the evening really special, head to Gordon’s Wine Bar located in a subterranean setting to enjoy a bottle of fine wine. It is the oldest wine bar in London and its underground setting and cosy atmosphere makes it the ideal place in town, to spend time with your partner.

Indulge in temptation: If you want to give your sensory organs a heady feeling join the Chocolate Ecstasy Tour. Chocolates for long have been synonymous with romance, so indulge yourself with you partner in taking a chocolate tour. Not only will the both of you get to sample some of the finest chocolates in London, but also will get to learn about the history of the city and its long association with chocolate.

Steal a kiss near The Lovers Statue: To see the Lover’s Statue the both of you will need to visit St. Pancras Station. You will find the massive20 tonne bronze statue of a couple, clasping each other lovingly at the Southern End of the Eurostar Terminus at St. Pancras. You could have a passenger click the both of you sharing a romantic kiss against the backdrop of the statue.

Go for a Picnic to Hyde Park: You could get one of those excellent picnic hampers with a bottle of fine wine or champagne and head straight to Hyde Park for a picnic. Find a nice tranquil spot away from the crowd and the both of you could revel in the company of each other. Just the perfect way to spend a romantic afternoon with your partner!

Take a dinner cruise: One of the best ways to spend a romantic evening together is to join a Bateaux Dinner Cruise on the Thames River. With a multi-course dinner and entertainment complemented by spectacular views of London, it is the perfect way to spend time together.

Visit Covent Garden Market: Nothing sums it up better than a bouquet of beautiful flowers to give to your loved one. Flowers are a thrillingly romantic gesture that most of us appreciate. And if you want a bouquet of the finest flowers Covent Garden Market is the place to visit. To keep it a surprise you could pre-order a bouquet of exotic flowers, which could be presented to her when the both of you visit the market.

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