Attractions worth visiting in London

London has been one of the destinations in almost everyone’s  bucket list and being here there are certain things people needs to be aware of just like the way to travel around is using tubes or buses and to familiarize with more of public transportation  and there are options like purchasing an oyster’s card which makes your travel affordable and at subsidised rates and you do not have to be a part of the queues at most of the places but with smartphones you o not need to be dependent on that too.  The night tube is a fairly new introduction and a gift to the travellers and you can enjoy this underground tube facility throughout the day so earlier you could possibly think of getting stranded but not now. While trying to reach your destination in an hour and you have a fair possibility of hopping these buses then you would not have to pay twice during this one hour of your journey it not only saves money but also saves you from buying tickets.

The park grand London Hyde park  is located well in the prime locations being near to the Hyde park and also the Kensington garden area you have an approachability to all the tourist spots and moreover you are closer to the stations as well so you probably save time while being near here and some of the activities like archery and yoga or athletics practice happens here in the surrounding place a very affordable and well connected area. Some of the other hotels near Paddington   are equally decent and provides you with complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi facility which keeps you going on the go and some of them also provide you with kitchen related kitchen wares so that you can probably make a meal for yourself with all the modern amenities at your service even the rates per night are subsidised.

At the Shard

Go to the top at the Shard on of the new entries to the skyscrapers of London this is one of the best and striking skylines of the city and it probably tells you to take a view of this beautiful city from the very top. In case you are thinking of where to start your vacations start at the Shard and the building boasts of some sixty eight stories and in case you are thinking how will you manage to be there you need not worry as it has been taken care at the fifty second floor as there is a restaurant called the Gong  a fabulously done place for people who want to spend some time here. While you reserve a seat at the Gong the speciality of this place is some of the exclusive cocktails which the bartender has to offer along with a scenic view which goes till forty miles long it’s just not one mile it is actually long view. In case you happen to be at the London bridge station you are quite near the Shard so be careful and do not miss this opportunity of viewing the beautiful city from a height the place opens on all days though the weekends are a little prolonged till ten in the night while on weekdays they wrap up by seven in the evening and advance bookings here is chargeable.

Box Park in Shoreditch area

This is the pop culture which being patronised in the London area on two of its street one is the Cryodon and the other is at the Shoreditch area  the place is actually a way of  delivering community brands and it specialised in fashion both garment and footwear along with food and drinks. This is a major shift from the culture of Englishman which was about royalty this is about patronising the retail segment of the society the place has been built out of shipping containers and it’s a unique way of displaying creativity. Even the food shops depicts diversity there are fast food joints where you can grab a quick bite and along with that there are basically culinary delights from across the world apart from that  if yu have a sweet tooth be a guest at the doughnut section wherein you can choose something to eat. My friends dined at the kebab centre and they were blown up my good food there it was affordable and at the same time catered to the youth so it was actually taking care of all the things. In case you have plans to pour in some drinks sit by some of the stylised looking pubs. The place is open from nine in the morning till late in the night and as the day passes by the place picks up its pace it is one of the happening places to be in and you can reach by getting down at the Shoreditch station.

Emirates Cable car

Going always the conventional way is to ride the London eye but what can be taken care of here is by riding the cable car it is again a fabulous way of crossing the Thames by air as you try to take a ride you can use the travel card it makes your ride affordable. The view you capture from above is awesome and in your entire life you will not be able to forget this experience. You can alight the cable car from the Greenwich area or at the Royal Victoria side both of them gives you an accessibility to this car and these cable across are open all three hundred and sixty five days in a year from eight in the morning till eight in the evening hours and the rates are even affordable at maximum you can be charged nine pounds which comprises of the return journey as well.

Going the conventional way of exploring on foot has been patronised since ages but trying different things is a unique way of exploring the city and you have something to count in to.

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