8 Places to visit near Chiswell Street London

Have you ever dreamt of holidaying in the English capital? London, being the proud capital of England is famous for a whole lot of eccentric attributes. One of them is its popularity for possessing a wide array of exclusive tourist hotspots. This city is famous for its diverse background that is as diverse as you have expected. It is not only about the hectic lifestyles that people are seen to be busy with but also about the city’s reputation for being the perfect place promoting cultural exquisiteness. In fact, London is known for being the cultural epicenter of the region. There are several art galleries, museums, cinemas and even theatres that tend to add up to the dazzling beauty of the city. If you have been fond of the cultural beauty and heritage values of the English capital, then a tour to the city of London will surely be able to set the tone right for you to enjoy and experience diversity like never before.

Everything about this city adds up to the glamorous quotient which in turn entices the attention of more and more holiday makers who come over from different parts across the globe. If you are the one who has been interested into exploring the cultural and heritage values that London has in abundance then you ought to pay a visit to the areas around Chiswell Street. This city is vast and quite historic and every single corner of this city’s streets is crammed with a plethora of pleasurable activities that you can see during your trio. No matter what fascinates you in particular, you are bound to feel entertained throughout your stay in The Montcalm London Marble Arch. This hotel will gladly put you close to a large number of scenic attractions that help you stay near Chiswell Street where the main attractions are positioned at. Given the wide array of options that are made to be available for the tourists, it often gets trickier to decide where to go and which activity to indulge into.
In order to make your vacation in London as much desirable as you have always wanted, you must consider staying at one of the 5 star hotels in London city. Listed below are some of the most amazing options that will sincerely help you to enjoy your upcoming London break near Chiswell Street as much amazing s you have always wanted.

  • Tower of London: If you have forgotten to put the Tower of London on your list of popular places to visit and explore then you really need to update your holiday itinerary. This is because the Tower of London serves as home to some of the intriguing past stories of the British capital. Moreover, you also get to place your eyes on the mesmerizing Crown Jewels. It is undoubtedly one of the most incredibly historic sites in London that you cannot afford to miss out on at any cost.
  • Millennium Bridge: This is indeed a delightful place to enjoy a long leisurely stroll by the River Thames. It is the brilliant architectural exquisiteness of the bridge that helps every tourist to cover more sightseeing attractions while slowly passing by.
  • Bank of England Museum: Although the history of banking in England is an alluring thing to explore, this place holds immense historical significance where you will get to see almost everything from gold bars to the weapons that were eventually sued in the past events for defending the bank. This is surely going to be an informative experience which you would surely prefer to enjoy during the trip. Moreover, the Bank of England Museum is not far from the Montcalm Hotels and this is why it would not take long for you to come over.
  • The Barbican: This is surely an exciting melting pot of cultural and art. You are sure to feel a lot more enthralled throughout the time as there is something exciting to look out for. There is an art gallery on the third floor of the building where you will get to satisfy your artistic needs as this place is surely filled with almost everything that you would probably need to enjoy a great holiday.
  • Old Spitalfields Market: This surely is considered to be one of the most delightful street markets in London where you will get to find desirably positioned shops and stalls that tend to operate all round the week. The food outlets offer great food items that you must try while you are here. Moreover you can also consider checking out the trendy clothes and vast array of collectibles that will make your day as much interesting as desired.
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral: As you take your step out of the Moorgate Station, you will get to find this incredibly beautiful cathedral with its dome rising above several buildings around it. If you are lucky to manage some time for getting high up to the dome then you will be able to capture a whole new perspective of seeing the city of London.
  • Museum of London: This is definitely a fun-filled centre where you will get to know about the incredible history of the city while checking out almost two millions of objects that have been put on display. This museum is considered to be the largest of all the archeological archives being located in Europe. It is definitely a fun place to visit in London and you are sure to feel quite contented throughout the time that you chose to spend here in this informative Museum of London.
  •  Bunhill Fields: This is known for being an excellent place for those who find interest in checking out the Macabre. It is the large and beautifully exquisite graveyard that has been transformed into a garden that is open to the public. It is only a few minutes’ walk from Chiswell Street. Visit this public garden for catching up with the bliss of tranquility and greenery amidst the huge landmarks in the city.
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