5 Ways to Showcase Your New Hotel

Whether you are an experienced hotelier or this is your first venture into the world of hospitality, your hotel launch needs to be done well.  People are not necessarily going to rush to stay in your rooms just because you are the newest hotel in town; in fact, you may well discover the opposite is true with people preferring to stay in a hotel which has been well recommended by other travellers.  So how do you get those customers through your door?  We’ve come up with 5 ways to get started:-


Gain Interest

Before you even open your doors you should be signed up to a couple of different social media platforms to begin creating a buzz around your new hotel.  You can do this by running a Facebook competition or an Instagram giveaway; utilising your social media networks to attract potential clients and raise your online profile.  You could also take people through the process as you prepare to open your doors to the public, anything which will garner interest and have people curious about the new concept your hotel will be delivering.


Offer a Sneak Peek

Inviting a select group of people to come in and experience your hotel before it is officially open can also be a great way to generate a buzz around your new venture.  These could be local journalists, bloggers, vloggers or even just local people who would be willing to share a review online and begin to spread the word about how good your hotel really is.


Have A Website

It isn’t just enough to have a couple of social media channels; you also need a top quality website to attract customers, with fresh and interesting content and posts which are rich with SEO to make sure you begin to climb the ladder when it comes to search engine results.  There are many different companies who can offer website design for hotels, ensuring they are well laid out, with good content and optimised for all devices as well.  A website is also vital if you want to register with any Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).  OTAs will look to a website to verify the hotel, gain a property description and see what you can offer.  Without one you will have a hard time persuading an OTA to list your hotel.


Encourage Reviews

As we mentioned above, a large number of travellers will now immediately look online for reviews of a hotel before they confirm a booking; obviously reviews are something which a new hotel would be lacking but you can start strong and encourage any guest who stays to leave a review on third party websites such as TripAdvisor.  The important thing here is that you then respond to those reviews in a timely manner and begin to build up your rapport with past and future customers.  TripAdvisor can also be a good way to showcase your hotel so make sure you create a profile with a link to your website and good quality images of your hotel as well.

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