Why Social Media is Such an Important Part of a Digital Marketing Plan for Hotels

The main aim for any hotel business is to try and entice customers to their residence, and in this modern digital age they have to move on from traditional marketing methods. They can do this by creating a strong brand that travellers will remember and be known for something particular such as their wellness centre or meeting rooms. The key is finding out what will appeal to customers and what a hotel’s unique selling points include. This should apply to both large and small hotels that can then create a special identity that will make them stand out. The hotel industry is very competitive and firms need to learn how to engage customers.

Creating social media profiles is one of the most important things every company should do as it is a great way to connect with potential guests. Hotel firms must definitely create Twitter and Facebook profiles as these are two of the most popular platforms in the world. After that the social media sites they choose must be down to what is the right fit for their company. A hotel may have beautiful grounds and gardens or a wonderful spa or pool, which could be shown on picture-sharing site Instagram. They could take the opportunity to also join up to employment site LinkedIn, Pinterest and the popular social media platform Snapchat.

These social media profiles need to be consistent and be organised by one or two staff members so that the voice is consistent. An important thing to remember is to constantly update these profiles as new customers want to see what is happening at the hotel. If any guests make a positive or negative comment about the residence, they need to get an immediate reply from the company to ensure their future loyalty. Social media platforms should also include images from the hotel and short videos so travellers get to see where they could be going. Visual imagery is great when trying to attract a customer to a hotel.

A hotel marketing firm that can help improve social media marketing for hotels is the brilliant Booking Direct. This superb firm is ideal at getting customers to go directly onto the hotel website to reserve a room. They will create the most amazing profiles on the relevant social media platforms. Travellers should be quickly responded to on social media to attract them onto the hotel website. It is through this real-time interaction that people could decide to head to the website and book a room. Social media is a very important part of any top advertising strategy for hotel companies to succeed and bring in greater profits.

Trying to sell a hotel brand on social media can be difficult if staff members do not know what they are doing. There are many social listening tools that allow companies to identify customers that could be interested in the brand. For instance Tweepi is a superb way to build Twitter followers, and Social Mention is ideal for examining brand mentions to help companies learn about useful keywords and hashtags. The best people firms can link to on social media are existing guests as this opens up the brand to their colleagues, friends and family. Social media can truly help create a loyal following that results in higher bookings.

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