What hotel companies should be doing in 2017 to improve revenues for success

Something that companies will want to consider when running a hotel firm is how they can increase their revenue. There are obviously the simple measures of trying to increase web traffic to a hotel website and attempting to get direct bookings. The key to success for firms is to make sure they embrace change and really think about the customer experience. One of the most interesting trends that will roll on into 2017 is that there will still be a focus on getting customers to book direct. Major hotel companies have rolled out campaigns over the last year to try and attract customers to visit their website and learn about their properties.

They have tried to also introduce special loyalty reward schemes that encourage tourists to stick with the brand. Something that businesses have to consider is the relationship between the hotel and OTAs or Online Travel Agencies. Firms have to use OTAs to get a wider range of customers, but really what they should be aiming for is getting tourists to feel it is better to book through the hotel’s website. There has to be an incentive that the customer will want to pick over a deal on a third-party website such as TripAdvisor, Kayak and Trivago. The usual thing to offer travellers is a complimentary breakfast, or free use of the spa and pool.

What companies need to do is consider unique offerings other hotels would not even think about giving. If an accommodation is found near a superb attraction then a discount at the sight may actually be enough to encourage a person to book directly on a hotel website. There needs to be value added to the reservation of a room, but companies must remember to not offer too much that it will cost them money. Predictive analytics is an important tool that will be used increasingly more in 2017 and can help a firm to work out how it is doing.

This can help companies work out the best way to manage revenues for the highest amount of profits in the long run. Another aspect that is worth considering when hotels are trying to sell rooms to travellers is the look of the website. It has to appear bright and informative and definitely be mobile-friendly. The growth in the use of smartphone technology has increased significantly over the years and tourists are searching for hotel websites that are easy to use. This year companies need to ensure that their websites are appealing and quick to navigate. The best digital marketing for hotels plan comes when firms really understand customers.

Businesses would really benefit from hiring the amazing consultants at Booking Direct who will create a great, forward-thinking plan for success. This brilliant company will help firms deal with their social media output and create some wonderful profiles to attract customers. They will also create a superb strategy to generate a first-class online reputation and work towards increasing brand awareness. The main thing the experts at Booking Direct are best at is getting firms to think about the competition and what a firm can do to improve their search engine status. They will help hotel firms realise and implement any new trends that are popular in gaining customers, and therefore helping increase bookings and profits.

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