Useful Tips for Seniors to Explore London

Irrespective of your age or your physical capacity and your preferences, London has a lot to offer. If you are a senior, the city will look after you most admirably and offer senior discounts as well as easy access facilities everywhere. However it is important to avoid rush hours so that you do not get caught in the mad rush that takes place at that time. The other useful tips that will help you include the following: there are good cafes at most London attractions that will enable you to rest and get rejuvenated for your next move; get an Oyster Card either when you arrive or beforehand and keep loading it as you go along; and the best option for travel in the city for seniors is the bus as it offers convenient step-free access unlike the tube as the tube stations do not always have this facility and there may be need to use the long interchanges.

Hop on Hop off Bus: The best and most effortless way for any senior to get an overview of the city and see most of its important landmarks and other attractions is to get on a hop on hop off bus and as there are many such tours available covering different routes, you will be able to see most of the major places. You will also have the option to get off the bus at any stop near the attraction that you would like to explore further and after doing so, you can get on a subsequent bus to continue your tour. You will be able to do a lot of sightseeing without tiring yourself.

Parks and Gardens: Nearly 47% of the total area of London is open space dominated by parks and gardens making it one of the greenest cities in the world. These include eight Royal Parks and other green areas that are lush green and present ideal spots for relaxation and other leisure activities. Parks like Hyde Park, St James’s Park and Kensington Gardens are located in the heart of the city close to most attractions and as such, seniors can easily visit any of them if they feel fatigued and relax on the lush green meadows or even take a leisurely stroll. At most of these places, you will find beautifully planted flower beds and lakes. Some parks also offer deck chairs that you can rent for relaxing and also a cafe where you can enjoy tea or coffee.

For visitors who wish to be located in the heart of the city close to most parks and other attractions, the best option is to stay at Park Grand London Hyde Park Hotel as it is located just a stone’s throw away from Hyde Park and in close proximity to other attractions of the city while offering most comfortable accommodation at affordable cost.

River Cruises: One of the best ways for a senior to see the magnificent skyline of London is to take a river cruise along the banks of the River Thames. The best option is to get on one of the regular commuter boats of Thames Clippers or even take dinner cruises that will give you a great view of London by night.

Shopping Options: London offers too many shopping options but for seniors it can be a tiring exercise. As such, they should choose a shopping area judiciously and preferably plan to visit just one or two stores that are located at the same place and try to do all their shopping in those places without attempting to look for more choice. For example, if they visit Liberty and John Lewis that are located within 10 minutes’ walk of each other, they will get the opportunity to shop at one of the top affordable department stores (John Lewis) as well as at a beautiful luxury store (Liberty) housed in a beautiful building.

Although London is one of the most expensive cities in the world with some of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world, it also offers many Budget Hotels in London that provide basic comforts in its rooms as well as all necessary facilities in a clean and hygienic environment so that visitors with a slender budget can have a comfortable stay.

Leisurely Walks: London affords a lot of options for taking leisurely walks both in its parks and gardens and on dedicated paths made for this purpose, such as the Thames Path which is an award-winning urban park. It is 294 kilometres long which is well beyond anyone’s capacity to do it entirely, but the central section along the South Bank of the River Thames is best for exploring the city. A viable amount of walk will enable you to go past famous attractions such as Tower Bridge, City Hall, The Globe Theatre, Tate Modern, the Millennium Bridge, the National Theatre, the Royal Festival Hall, and the London Eye. While walking, you will also be able to see the attractions on the opposite bank such as the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, Somerset House, and the Houses of Parliament and many others. Moreover, while walking, you will also encounter green spaces, street entertainers and many resting places.

Go Down Memory Lane: Seniors, who have been through the Second World War days, will be able to dig into their memory box as they visit the underground bunker of Churchill War Rooms and see where Churchill directed Britain’s involvement in the war and the other rooms of maps and records. The feelings of claustrophobia and of danger still linger.

See a Theatre Show of Your Choice: A wide range of plays and musicals are performed at London’s theatres and although tickets are expensive, you can try the matinee show or try for a discounted ticket at the theatre or at the TKTS booth at Leicester square on the day of the show.

Museums: London offers a whole lot of museums and galleries and most of them are free to enter and also family-friendly where even your kids can have a great time.

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