Top tips to improve a hotel company’s social media output to improve room sales

Often hotel businesses think it is enough to create a handful of social media profiles online, but much more work is needed to effectively take advantage of these platforms. The benefits of using social media to attract customers are that firms gain their loyalty and get to expand their guest list. The simplest thing to do on social media is to put up posts on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and picture-sharing site Instagram. The first thing an accommodation firm should consider is which other platforms suit its business. For instance if a hotel is aimed at business travellers then a company should definitely sign up to employment site LinkedIn.

For firms with a younger audience in mind then Snapchat would be a good idea to attract them onto the hotel website. What businesses have to do is work out what is best for them and which forms of social media would entice customers to learn more about them and their brand. An important rule that hotel companies need to take into consideration is that each platform requires different treatment. A type of message on one platform might not work on another destination, so this should be considered when working with social media. Users vary in age and background so the messages need to change according to the platform.

What hotel companies need to learn to do is message according to the season as this will encourage customers to learn about the accommodation. For instance in the lead-up to Easter or Christmas travellers will want to learn about special packages available for those who want to celebrate. With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day approaching residences can offer spa or golf weekends to entice tourists to stay at the accommodation. What they must also consider is local festivals and events that should be promoted online to attract people to the lodgings. This also promotes the city or town in which the hotel accommodation is based.

Great social media marketing for hotels is necessary to ensure hotel companies get the best out of these important platforms. The main thing firms need to think about is connecting with their customers before, during and after their trip at the property. This can be achieved through an app that has the opportunity to interact with the reception desk. What customers should be able to do with an app is book a spa appointment, make a dinner reservation and order room service. Social media is also a great place to chat directly with current and future customers answering their questions and fielding their complaints to have happy guests.

A fantastic hotel marketing company that can help improve social media profiles is the top Booking Direct. This wonderful firm is superb at getting customers to go directly onto the hotel website to reserve a living space. The staff members will create the best profiles on the relevant social media platforms that work well for their clients. Social media is a very crucial part of any advertising strategy for hotel companies to reach out to a wider audience. They can then gain new customers by enticing them through these platforms, and encouraging loyalty to the accommodation through special deals and packages tailored to their needs.

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