Top museums to visit with the kids

If you have a trip planned with the kids to London, there are a lot of interesting places to visit. Prominent among these are the numerous museums to be found all over the city. There are over 200 museums in London, with loads of activities and plenty of fascinating interactive exhibits; the children will never have a dull moment.

One of the best ways to ensure not having the hassle of travelling long distances is to choose accommodation in a central location like the hotels in Paddington, London.  It would be certainly be beneficial staying in Central London as most of the top museums are in the centre of the city.

A popular choice with those travelling with the family is The Grand London Paddington hotel, which apart from offering family-friendly accommodation is also affordably priced. Some of the most interesting and informative museums to visit with the family in London are:

Science Museum: One of the most exciting places to take the kids to, the Science Museum of London offers proof that science need not be monotonous and boring. With more than 3 million visitors to the museum every year, it is one of the most visited and popular museums in the city. It offers a variety of exhibits suitable for visitors of all age groups, which includes items for kids less than five years of age. FOR children between the ages of 5 -8 there is the Pattern Pod. For the older ones there is the captivating Launchpad that has dozens of interesting experiments.

V&A Museum of Childhood: One of the most common restrictions with most museums if the ‘hands off policy’ when it comes to touching exhibits. For kids who love to touch and experience things that can be a let-down. The Victoria & Albert have gone the extra mile to ensure the installation of ample interactive exhibits, which keep the kids engaged. While grownups take a trip back to their childhood days looking at toys and exhibits from their own childhood, the kids can be kept busy with activities, rocking horses, Lego toys etc. The museum also organises exciting treasure hunts on a daily basis.

Natural History Museum: Most kids find it difficult to resist the appeal of animals and more so that of gigantic dinosaurs that once inhabited our planet. The best place to satiate their curiosity about the beats is the Natural History Museum in London. It is renowned the world over for its acclaimed dinosaur exhibits. The museum is home to the very first T. Rex fossil that was found and also a specimen of Baryonyx that was the biggest meat-eater that roamed the European continent. The Natural History Museum has four zones. The Red Zone has exhibits related to geology, where visitors can learn about the origins of the planet. The Blue Zone is home to a massive blue whale model that leaves the kids spellbound.

Horniman Museum: Kids just love to be in a spacious area where they can run around and expend their nervous energy. And one of the best spots in London is the Horniman museum that has 16 acres of open gardens and a host of activities to engage the kids. The museum was established in 1901, and offers numerous family-friendly exhibits that include a stunning aquarium with different kinds of marine environments, nature base with living animals and the popular hands-on section, where kids can have touch and explore items.  In 2013, the museum was awarded the family friendly museum award by residents of London.

Golden Hinde II: The actual Golden Hinde was a sea-faring galleon used by Francis Drake to sail around the world. The Golden Hinde II is a full-size replica that offers kids an opportunity to experience life aboard the ship, as it would have been for sailors in the 16th century. There are interactive tours made all the more authentic with actors in period costumes. Onboard the ship visitors get an opportunity to explore the ship, fire the ship’s guns, raise the anchor etc. The older ones are bound to be thrilled with the Golden Tour, which includes a visit by a 16th century barber surgeon, who would treat a variety of injuries and ailments with a box of fearsome medical tools!

National Maritime Museum:  With amazing displays spread across 10 galleries that feature maps, artworks and plenty of other items, The National Maritime Museum is the biggest maritime museum on the planet. It is the perfect place to take the kids to learn about adventure, shipwrecks and piracy. One of the highlights of the place is its popular interactive gallery for kids, where they get to learn about semaphore signalling, arming a canon, loading cargo and plenty of other interesting activities. The children can spend the entire afternoon in the interactive boatyard that combines s adventure and exploration to make it a memorable experience. For the older children the Simulator Gallery helps them to experience how to pilot and steer a sea vessel into port.

RAF Museum Hendon: The museum is home to more than a hundred types of different aircrafts along with brilliant interactive sections. Visitors get to see a model of the F 35 Strike Fighter along with an opportunity to see some of the most modern weapon systems. The highlight of the museum is its 4D cinema screen located in the Hangar section where they get an opportunity of experience flying in the specially designed seats with a plethora of special effects that accompany the viewing. From flying on a bombing mission on a B-17 Bomber to the thrills of time travel there is a lot of exciting things to experience at the museum. While the tickets for the 4D Theatre experience are expensive it is well worth the money spent. There is an Aeronaut Interactive section where the kids get to learn about the principle of flying and also flying an aircraft in the simulator gallery.

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