Things to do in London for a Budget Traveller

London has always been known as an expensive city. The place itself features great entertainment and is called for the most elite shopping. Often it is there in the minds of visitors that the capital city is quite expensive in terms of holiday including hotel accommodation etc. However, it is actually not the thing that you will have to pay a heavy cost for anything and everything here in London.

There are lots of things which actually come for no cost at all. Living life well in London not always mean that you will have to shell out money for it. From a travellers point of view there are several attractions and sightseeing which one can visit for no cost at all. From a travellers point of view budget hotels in London are quite popular.

Mentioned below are few un-expensive things to do in London:

Museums & Galleries:

The city has something in store for people of all age groups. Museums and special art galleries in London are the great places to visit where you can actually catch a glimpse of the best of modern art. Moreover, the best part is that most of the best museums and galleries in the city are absolutely free to visit. Museums majorly are located on both sides of the River Thames running from East End to West London. Tate Britain features some of the finest pieces of art in the world which makes it worth visiting. Other major galleries include the National Gallery, The Wallace Collection and Science Museum etc.

Green Spaces in London:

You will be surprised to know that the capital city of England is one of the greenest spaces. It boasts of the best of Royal parks including the stunning Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, St James Park and lot more. These serene places can be visited without spending any penny as these are open to all at all times.

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Free Walking Tours:

London is a foot friendly city and there are plenty of self guided walking tours available for those who want to explore the city by foot. You can pick a route which you feel is ok for you and can walk on that path exploring lots of stunning attractions and sightseeing as these self guided tours pass the best of historic attractions thus, ensuring that you make the most of your trip to London.

Free Events

London serves well to all tourists coming in no matter whether they are travelling under a budget constraint or are here to spend endlessly. There are variety of free events to witness here one of which is the popular Changing the Guard ceremony. It is a military tradition which happens every day during summer time. It is a free event to attend where the royal guards of the Buckingham Palace change their duties.

Moreover, there are lot of such amazing landmarks in London which are free to visit which makes it convenient for all tourists.

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