The Love Actually Movie London Guide

London is not only an ultimate holiday destination and is popular among tourists, but it is a renowned place among movie buffs too. The capital city of England has always been known as a favourite spot for directors and movie stars as it boasts of some of the best locations where lot of ultimate movies have been shot. One such movie is Love Actually which is a Christmas themed romantic comedy film released in 2003.

The film is shot at some of the prettiest spots here in London. Some of these are mentioned below:

Heathrow Airport:

As far as the movie locations in the city are concerned the opening and closing scenes are shot at the very well known Heathrow airport where the shots of other emotional travellers were captured in a documentary style. Airports are a place where all hellos and goodbyes are emotional and so is the scene in Love Actually.

Somerset House:

If you are a London fan then you must have heard about the beautiful location of Somerset House. It is a venue which every year in winters turns into an amazing outdoor ice skating rink. It is this festive backdrop which gets transformed into a film location in Love Actually. Several established shots were taken here.

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Whiteley’s shopping centre is yet another popular one. Ideally nestled in Bayswater is an ideal place to pick up something really amazing for your loved ones. The galleried atrium here is the place where iconic shots of the film were established.

Grosvenor Chapel:

The start of Love Actually shows a wedding ceremony of Peter and Juliet. Both have shown tying their knots at the Grosvenor Chapel which is an Anglican Church in Mayfair. It is ideally located between Hyde Park and Oxford Street in London.

Notting Hill

The most iconic scene of Love Actually was shot at the Notting Hill which is an affluent district in West London. The place allures and enthrals visitors by its charm and it is this place in the film where Mark declares his love for Juliet.

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Selfridges, Oxford Street:

Who doesn’t know Selfridges in London? A charming shopping destination and a popular backdrop for multiple film locations, Selfridges is a place where Harry meets up with Karen his wife in the film. Oxford Street is a one stop destination for all visitors coming in especially for those who want to spend some money on shopping. In the film Harry buys a necklace for Mia.

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