Secret Places In London Not Known By Tourists

London is a huge city and whether you are visiting the place for holiday or business or even stay there, it is quite sure that you will walk past many places and stunning structures without even noticing them. London is a place with fascinating history and apart from the known attractions there are also many others which you have hardly heard of.

Similarly, there are also many such accommodations in London that many are not aware of, but they provide the finest of every service a guest will like to enjoy when  visiting a city like London. Choose boutique Hotels in London like The Piccadilly London West End and it will add to the existing joy this city will bring you.

Japanese Kyoto Garden In Holland

One of the secret spots in London is the Japanese Garden of Holland Park. It was a donation from Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto to London in the year 1991. It commemorates the friendship between Japan and London. It is nestled within the quite square of Holland Park and is somehow forgotten by the tourists and locals alike.  Step inside this idyllic garden and you will not realize that it is in the heart of the city. The relaxing, and tranquil environment is perfect to soothe your soul and unwind.

Jamme Masjid Mosque

Another multicultural tribute you will find in this city is Jamme Masjid mosque on Brick Lane. Though at first sight, it will not look like a mosque to you. It was first built as a Protestant chapel by Heugenots, who was fleeing persecution in France. Then, it became the religious center for Russian and Eastern European Jews that made East End as their home. At present it is a mosque and serves the largest concentration of Bangladeshi Muslims living in New York.

Visit The Guildhall Gallery

Standing right in the throbbing heart of City of London, is the Guildhall Art Gallery. Looking at the exterior in the first glance, it will look quite traditional. However, the building was completed in the year 1999. It replaced a Victorian gallery that used to stand on the same site destroyed by the blitz.

The actual secret of the Gallery is not the Victorian art but something else. Take the lift to basement and you will be right in a Roman Amphitheater of London built in the year AD70. You will also be able to play as Roman avatars in games.

Secret Of The Monument

If you think Monument to be just a stop on District Line then you might want to think again. The clue is hidden in the name. The Monument was built between 1671 and 1677 to celebrate rebuilding of London and also to commemorate the Great Fire of London. You can still climb up the staircase to get a great view across the City.

Thus, next time when you visit London, try to take the off beaten path and enjoy London as it comes. There are also many other spots in the city where you will be surprised to know that they exists.

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