Reasons Why the Americans Love The UK

There seems to be a running trend among Americans nowadays – they are in love with England as much as the British are!

The British invasion back in the 1960s meant The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were introduced to America, and we believe this is where this love affair started, but now, more than ever, the Americans are infatuated with the UK, English people and English culture.

There is no sign of our bubbly neighbours across the pond ending this love affair, so here is a few of the top things Americans confess to loving about the UK.

  • The Royals

The Queen, Prince William, Prince Harry, Buckingham Palace, those men in red with funny bearskin hats, the Ravens, the London Dungeons, the Castles – the Americans love all things about the British Royals and enjoy visiting homes and haunts of the UK’s Royal family. America doesn’t have its own Royal family to treasure so they have adopted ours and keep track of every birth, death, marriage and indiscretion. The Americans were just as excited as the British to witness the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the announcements of the births of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The very thought that the British get to see these impeccably groomed, poised and dignified Royals in the flesh is beyond exciting to an American.

  • British History

The oldest still functioning building in America dates to around 16-something. The oldest still functioning church in England dates to 597AD. Iconic Irish pubs, unpronounceable Welsh place names and Scottish are all part of the British history that Americans find fascinating. Then there are also the British historic authors such as William Shakespeare and Jane Austin, and of course more Royals.

  • The Quaintness

Whether in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, Americans can’t get enough of our ‘cute’ little villages. They love the quaint village shops, thatched roofs, tea rooms and pot-holed country lanes. It’s a whole world away from the Walmart superstore ridden interstate roads of the USA that they are used to.

  • The British Accent

There are hundreds of accents in the UK, nut the average American is unable to tell the difference between them. Americans love to imitate an English accent. The only thing more entertaining than an American hearing an English Accent is getting an Englishman to repeat certain words in their accent e.g. tomato, potato, ketchup etc.


  • Film & Drama

There are many very distinguished actors and actresses from England. Maybe it’s their accents, maybe it’s their poise, but in any case, the Americans love to watch the English act. Hollywood may be the most famous location for movies, but the UK is home to some popular movies too. The Harry Potter series was films in London and is the most successful film series of all time. A visit to London is not complete without a trip to the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour, popular with visitors from all over the world, and less than an hour from the Paddington Court Executive Rooms.


  • The Music

Americans love British music. The British invasion gave them The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Who. Since then, the UK has shared with Americans the music of Sting, U2, Natasha Bedingfield, Leona Lewis, Amy Winehouse, Adele, Coldplay Snow Patrol and One Direction. England has produced some of the most popular music of our time.

  • The Food

Crumpets, bangers, hot toddies, pasties – many Americans don’t know what these are but they just love the sound of them. A good ol’ English breakfast with Earl Grey tea complete with black pudding, or fish n’ chips with mushy peas, the ritual of ‘elevenses’ and afternoon tea or Sunday roast. Who needs brunch when there is such fine British fare. Why not take advantage of Central London hotels special offers and visit the UK to sample some traditional British cuisine?

  • Manners

Pleases and Thank you’s, words pronounced in perfect RP – maybe Americans are blinded by thoughts that all British people love like the inhabitants of Downton Abbey, but who cares when they think our charm and manners are to die for?

  • Humour

Monty Python, Vicar of Dibley, Mr Bean, Jeeves and Wooster – Americans think British humour is hilarious, although they do struggle with the British use of irony and sarcasm. Americans also find the British use of swearing endearingly funny.

  • The Telephones

The Americans believe that people in England must not have their own telephones. If they ever must call someone, they run outside to use one of the bright red phone booths, at least that’s how it works in the movies.

  • The Little Cars

English cars are so cool! Who wouldn’t want to drive a mini cooper around the streets of London? Although Americans will argue that the British drive on the wrong side of the road, they will agree that the English know a little bit about cars.

  • The British Way of Life

Americans live very busy lives and they think of the British living simple countryfied lives. The type of lifestyle that includes drinking tea out of fine china every afternoon, walking to the village church every Sunday, gossiping with the neighbours and knitting by the open hearth.


  • The Men

Any American girl will swoon at the idea of falling in love with a nice British boy who probably resembles James Bond. Have you seen the way they react to the Ed Westwicks, Henry Cavills and One Directions of this world? Well gentlemen, it’s time to book yourself a one-way ticket across the pond, because with all the above going in your favour you will never be far from a beautiful American girl who will want to fall in love with you.  Who cares if your sarcasm gets lost because of your English accent and your funny pronunciation was engulfed in good manners and thoughts of thatched roofs and scones and now she really does believe you are Prince Harry and she is quite naturally the next Kate Middleton?

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