Places to visit near Heathrow

While waiting to travel or during the transit it is best to step out and visit some of the beautiful areas near Heathrow.

Osterley Park and House

At the time when the generation is trying to run faster than the hands of a watch this place just pulls you back calms you down may be lets you look at some of the best known facts about the London culture. This Gregorian mansion with an expansive estate is worth a watch once you are here make your way by yourself don’t get scared because it is beautiful and adventurous and thrilling too my people at staying at the hotel near Heathrow airport  just had the time of their life visiting this awesome place.

Bulstrode Pub

The place to rejoice for my Indian friends this is a beautiful pub with a ranch like ambience serving some really good drinks at affordable prices and the best part it is closer to the airport for all the tourists and the locals who hang around here. They serve some real good English cuisines along with Indian delicacies as well. Even the place is near to some of the best known hotels like the Park Grand London Heathrow Hotel.

Twickenham Stadium

Sports lover or not this stadium is the home to Rugby matches a rough game but the stadium has an impressive capacity of eighty two thousand spectators who can watch the match in one go. In case you happen to be in the city during one of the rugby matches feel the excitement and witness it by visiting the place.

Athuladassana International Buddhist Centre

This Buddhist centre can be a place to stop by and visit while on your way to Heathrow, the place has a monastery and it is quite calm and peaceful in here to say the least. In vase you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city this is a nice getaway.

Kew Gardens

This is the botanical garden and thus has been maintained for research and scientific findings, but the spot is equally popular with people visiting the city for the first time or the locals, the organisers of this place have always organized daily walking tours and there are flower shows or events being organized. Even during the festivities you can expect events or concerts being organized and the place is quite beautiful as you see yourself admist flowers of different varieties.

Musical Museum

To unravel the history of music plan a day out at the museum the place will take you through different timelines from a small piece of clock to the latest gadgets, there are group visits being organized for the onlookers as well its educative at the same time thrilling to understand the journey of music. The place is accompanied by a Riverside café which serves you refreshments and the place is easily approachable by trains and buses and is quite close to the airport as well ,so in case you have time in hand better take a tour to the place..

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