Making the Most Out of Social Media for Your Hotel Business

Social media has become the backbone of our society. Whether you’re a teenager, a career person or an entrepreneur, social media is an integral part of your life as it allows you to keep in touch with friends and/or clients as well promote your business through vast networks to increase consumer traffic.

In the hospitality sector, digital marketing for hotels has boomed in recent years. Using social media as a business platform has become increasingly popular and, whether you have been in the hotel game for years or whether you’re just starting out, this guide aims to help you use social media to its fullest potential to boost your business.

So, first things first, you need to is create a strategy of what you want to achieve through social media. You want to look at why you want to use social media, what is the reason for integrating it into your business? Once you have answered these questions and set out your strategy, it is time to look at what resources are needed as well as how much time will be committed to the social media side of your business. It is no good setting up a range of social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter etc, if you’re not willing to commit the time or the effort into making it work. Adding social media to your business requires time and effort and it will warrant a shift of responsibilities; somethings will need to take a back seat if you’re going to wholeheartedly commit to this new outlet. Social media is readily available at everyone’s finger tips so customers will expect constant updates and interactions with your business; if there is a compliment or a complaint to be made, it will be done on social media so you need to be on hand to either praise or diffuse the situation. If your social media is left to fester, it will take a toll on your business so make sure you have the time and the inclination to deal with it and, if you don’t, see if you are able to hire someone to take charge of this side of your business for you.

Another essential part of dealing with social media is remembering that these accounts represent your business and not yourself. It is all well and good using social media terms such as ‘we have more likes’ or ‘we have 10 more followers’ but it is important to focus on the aspects that really matter such as feedback from the customer, staff hospitality, room quality and the overall stay. By using business language rather than social language, it will not only boost your staff’s morale but also give them clear direction on what they need to do in the future.

This last point maybe the most important point of all and that is to ensure that you take all online feedback seriously. It is easy to think that comments on social media are merely off-the-cuff comments but all feedback is necessary feedback to improve your business. Take all feedback on board and if one particular aspect of your establishment keeps repeatedly cropping then change it, don’t try to counteract it with a positive post on your social media platform.

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